Mixing Marijuana With Dancing

Larinda McRaven

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Right, and I think we all agree that if the dancing gets more creative but the underlying quality was cruddy to begin with, no one will notice the creativity.
oh... lol... it will be noticed!!

Thread Disclaimer: Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Dance Forums does not condone the illegal possession or use of marijuana. All content in this thread is for entertainment purposes only.


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One question the study apparently did not investigate:

What are several ways to "get out of the box", and what are their relative merits and detriments?

Steve Pastor

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They played a few songs that I wanted to dance to shortly after I arrived at the dance place Saturday evening. I didn't even have time to do much but take a sip or two of my drinks. Then I danced with two of my regular partners. Both of them suggested that I go have more to drink before dancing again!
While they may have been kidding...


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I have a hard enough time trying to determine what my next pattern will be; if I tried to dance high, it would be like coming to a fork in the road and splitting the difference.
I always find marijuana to be useful in allowing myself to freely move to music, with fluid expression rather than over thinking. I can move with music uninhibited. I also play instruments, and am usually familiar with the music, so that may be a part of it.

But for a technical class or just regular ballet class, I'd be all over the place. Cannabis is better used for dance outside of class, or to help with expression.


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I personally can't really stand to be around anybody who openly admits to being a recreational drug user. I know that's probably very un-PC of me, and there are probably more people than I really know who use it, but I think it's counterproductive for most instances. There are reasons drug users are often stereotyped with certain unfavorable attributes, and I am perhaps being unreasonable in letting it hit close to home, with a family addict who's torn my life apart on more than one occasion with her abuse, so if I can at all avoid being around the use of drugs, I will. It's just not a productive, positive image for ballroom dancers to wear, there's no good reason to do it. I think if you want to use drugs, you should associate with people like yourself who do, and not try to bring it into an environment like ballroom dancing, where there are already plenty of vices to choose from that are addictive, like rhinestones. Do a rail of those off of the floor at Ohio, you'll see stars.


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I personally can't really stand to be around anybody who openly admits to being a recreational drug user. I know that's probably very un-PC of me [...]
There's nothing "correct", politically or otherwise, about illegal recreational drug use IMO. In particular, when illegal activities are condoned or tolerated, further troubles are beckoned because the participants don't feel free to engage the police or other legal recourse to enforce agreements, resolve disputes, etc.

Smoking cigarettes and habitually becoming drunk, while legal, are also far from "correct" IMO. As you imply later in the post I quoted, substance abuse generally is a social ill with real consequences. (As for people who *smoke* marijuana -- the illegal/recreational drug use are themselves problematic in my view, but *smoking* is unhealthy to begin with.)
I mean, for me, it doesn't matter what other people think is "correct" and "incorrect". You have the right to your views, and I don't mind them. You might see what I do as "incorrect", but you're just going to live and let live.

As long as we don't bother each other, then we should be fine working together.


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In any case my own point was to dispute the "un-PC" disclaimer in post #54 -- I didn't think that post was "un-PC" at all; and I don't regard affirmations of illegal recreational drug use or substance abuse as "PC".

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