Has anyone had a chance to watch "'Montecito" ?

From the web: "The docu-drama about the competitive world of 'dancesport'. The six one-hour episodes will be run as digital series on the A&E website, (rather than on the channel itself), as well as Hulu, and will be released for viewing this Friday, May 16th. Dance instructors include Rumen Atanasov, Bonnie Bayard, Jaime Bayard, Jonathan Curtis and Ray Crutcher."

Would be interested in opinions!


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I just finished the first episode. It is your typical "reality"-type show, complete with people you already want to slap within the first 5 minutes. A few of the participants are high-profile, not necessarily in dance but in real life (though if you live in California you may know them from dance). I would like to say the drama is overblown and not real, but, well, I'm wouldn't doubt that at least some of it goes on as portrayed. The series is produced by Ryan Secrest.


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Forgot to add- not a lot of actual dancing in the first episode, it was more getting to know some of the players. It looks like they are working towards an upcoming competition, though I don't know which one.


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Yeah, I saw a preview for this come across my email from AETV (to think, this used to be a good TV station)...byline read: "In Montecito, CA, wealthy women and ambitious dance pros clash and compete on and off the dance floor. In the arms of attractive young dance instructors, the ladies of Montecito society find the romance and male attention they're looking for." Enough to make me go "UGH - I really hope it's just a bad byline." Watched about two minutes of the opening for the first episode. Enough to know there is absolutely NO WAY I will waste my time on the rest.

But I guess if it gets non-dancers remotely interested in ballroom...nope, not even then. Ballroom has enough of a stereotypical reputation that I spend time explaining away to non-dancers. This is playing to stereotypes and not going to help.

Wow, I'm feeling opinionated today.
Here’s a view from the other side. I thought it was fabulous and sent the link to some friends with the info that this was a totally over the top soap opera about very rich people, but pretty much accurate emotions. Haven’t any of you danced with a teacher who has more than one person in a scholarship age group? I got a total kick out of the fact that Patti Connors had supposedly danced for 7 years with her teacher and was still doing bronze. These pro-am teachers know how to make some money without having to sweat too much!


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I swear… I got a huge amount of laundry and cooking done while watching it. All I can say is :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:. I will refrain from making any comments about the misrepresentations or absurd behavior for many reasons (would take too much time, would be difficult to keep the post to a reasonable length, etc.). If you ever are on pain killers are are too loopy to do anything else (the reason I read the Sookie Stackhouse books--OK, fine, I finished the series after I was off the painkillers), watching this would a perfectly plausible way to spend the time. Certainly don't watch it for the dancing.

The most interesting part was a collision that took place during a competition where both couples thought the other couple had done it on purpose. The footage shows the actual contribution of both leads to what happened. I will remember this the next time I am so dang certain that I am right about something.


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Believe it or not, my pro actually watched it (he must have been bored). I made fun of him at the time, but we talked about it a little after I watched it. In reference to something that one of the pros did (can't even remember now, but it was about not keeping even plausibly reasonable boundaries), I said, "nobody could actually be stupid enough to …." and he said, "Oh, you would be surprised."


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I watched 2 episodes on a boring day....had too much time on my hands...I thought it was entertaining and played to every stereotype you can find in the ballroom world- the rich socialite, the newbie who gets addicted to dance, the jealousy, the rivalry, the crush on instructor, the business side of the ballroom dance world, including competing dance studios....everything...hugely entertaining and at times I was like WTF...and wishing I had someone to snark with....am contemplating downloading and watching the remaining 4 episodes.

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