More Support for Men Learning How to Dance

hopelessly_addicted said:
just recently, i asked 2 guy friends whether their friends/workmates know that they dance. 1 said that they do, the other said that he'd tell if anyone would ask. Neither thought that they'd be teased if others know about it.. I guess it's kinda different for different people..
I agree that it's different for every guy. I have always loved dancing (until recently .. only solo dancing) and have had no need to hide it and have always been proud of it. It helps me in sports and keeping me fit :) Thx for replying to my post

pygmalion said:
I agree that traditional gender-role expectations have loosened up a lot. I think there's still pressure for men to distance themselves from dancing, but perhaps not as strong as it used to be. Not sure. :?
Indeed pygmalion, with hip-hop becoming so prominent nowadays (and group classes), its better now.. but I have a feeling that some guys still find it hard to pickup partner dance. E.g. many of my friends guy will give hip hop a try but many would think twice before going to a Jazz class :)

sanityhaven said:
I think that most guys believe other guys will tease them about dancing. When in reality, I think that most guys secretly want to dance and think its cool when some other guy tries it.
Good POINT sanityhaven! :)

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