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Most Creative Hand Dance Competition
featuring competitions by other East Coast, USA, dance styles such as
East and West Coast Swing, Shag, Lindy Hop,
Chicago Steppin, Hustle, Philly Bop, and Salsa

For the last time, I apologize if I offended any one with my honest but perceived brutal opinion of dance performances as I saw it at the U.S. Open Swing Championship competition in Anaheim, California. I do plan to go to that "spectacular" event next year but I promise I won't share my views in writing, I'll just tell you my opinion "IF" you ask me. I don't understand the process by which when you do four good things its no big deal, however, if you do one alleged incorrect thing you are considered a terrible person.

After I apologized for expressing my opinion, a "hand dance group" decided not to forgive me but to boycott my upcoming competition. I respect their decision and action. Therefore, since I can not foresee the damage this boycott might cause my competition, I have made revisions regarding the admission fees, contestant prizes and registration fees.

The hotel accommodations are paid for in full. The floor is practically on its way. The program booklet is in the "layout" status, the medallions and spectators' gifts are here, the tee-shirts are made, and there are eager contestants ready to show their creative dance talents. I am working with the Evaluators and djs. A couple of volunteers who are, probably, following the boycott have stepped down, but have been replaced. The competition has been planned and will begin as scheduled on January 18-20, 2003, at the Ramada Inn, 8500 Annapolis Rd, New Carrollton, Maryland 20784, 1-800-436-0614. Hotel accommodations cost $59 per night. Please call and make your reservations.

I have contacted a new emcee for the competition. Her name is Paulette Brockington from Detroit. Her dance by choice is Lindy Hop, however, she dances West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag, and Chicago Steppin. She won 1st place in the World's Fast Dance Championships for 2000 competition. She has experience in teaching dance, coordinating Lindy Hop competitions, and emceeing. She dances with Frankie Manning (Lindy Hop King) and she is going to teach us how to do the Shim Sham dance.

Contestants: I regret the most that I have to revise the prize awards but please understand that because of the potential boycott, I have to plan cautiously so that you win something. My uttermost important factor in putting on these competitions is to be able to award a "substantial" amount of funds as incentives to contestants who have worked so diligently in preparing and presenting a dance that is entertaining to themselves, as well as, to the public. I would love for you to compete in my competition. Its not too late--in this competition a choreographed routine can be either planned or impromptu. If you decide to compete, please get your registration application and fees to me by December 31, 2002.

List below are revised competition prizes and fees.

(1) Most Creative Hand Dance: 1st $700; 2nd $400; 3rd $300; and 4th $100; registration fee $70 + admission fee.
(2) Most Creative Dance: 1st $600; 2nd $400; 3rd $300; 4th $100; registration fee $60 plus admission fee.
(3) Performing Arts: 1st $500; 2nd $400; 3rd $300; 4th $100; registration fee $50 plus admission fee.
(4) Moving on Up (I): 1st $400; 2nd $300; 3rd $200; 4th $100; registration fee $40 plus admission fee.
(5) Moving on Up (II): 1st $300; 2nd $250; 3rd $200; 4th $100; registration fee $30 plus admission fee.
(6) Express Yourself: 1st $300; 2nd $250; 3rd $200; 4th $100; registration fee $30 plus admission fee.
(7) Just Dancing: 1st $200; 2nd $175; 3rd $150; 4th 100; registration fee $20 plus admission fee.
(8) Mix and Match (Level 1 (professionals/advanced) and Level 2 (amateurs/novice)) each Level will receive:
1st $100; 2nd $75; 3rd $50; and 4th $25; registration fee $15 per person plus admission fee.
Registration fees are per couple (except for Mix and Match). Admission fees are per person.

Listed below are revised competition admission fees.
(in advance (before December 31)/at the door prices)
Adults: Weekend Pass $50/$55; Day Pass $40/$45 (includes one free workshop);
Competitions, Ball, and Party $20 each

(one fee)
Youth/Young Adults: Weekend Pass $40; Day $30; Competition only $15; Ball/Party $15
Kids (12 and under): Weekend Pass $25; Day Pass $20; Competition only $10; Ball/Party $10

For your convenience, listed below are workshops with descriptions and instructors that will be available at the competition between 11:00 am - 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. They are not in any specific order and none of the instructors have cancelled out, so far. The schedules will be worked out accordingly. Workshop fees are $10 for one and 3 for $25.


1. You will learn the fundamentals of Chicago"Stepping" (the components: steps, rhythm pattern and terminology). Instructors: Anthony and Pam Dunn

2. An introduction to the basic steps of Detroit Hustle. No previous experience or partner necessary. Judy Burke

3. An easy to "lead" and "follow" pattern, which will introduce you to the basic rhythm of the Hustle, basic arm styling and the Latin characteristics of the dance. Joyce Szili

4. Salsa--learn this fun, hot sexy dance, it's as easy as walking. Learn the basic Salsa beat and all of your Salsa basic dance steps, as well as, the simple but easy turns. Jeri Dembrak

5. Mambo vs. Salsa. What's the difference? Learn your basic Mambo step. Jeri Dembrak

6. Chicago Steppin. Learn a brief overview of history and interpretation of Chicago Steppin dance and music; demonstrate the basic step (3 parts; 6-count pattern); posture; rhythm, and spotting/turns: left, right, half, double, and reverse. Carol Patterson and Steve Mathews

7. West Coast Swing. Learn right and left side pass; the tuck; 8 count whip; and follower's swivel pass in front of leader. Vernell Alston

8. West Coast Swing. Putting the Basics to work for YOU. Will introduce 4 of the 6 count basic steps - the pushbreak, right side pass, left side pass and the start step. Rob and Sheila Purkey

9. Carolina Shag. Learn the basic step, female turn, male turn and start step. With one lesson you will be Shaggin'. Rob and Sheila Purkey

10. DC Hand dance--will show how to "lead-follow" and teach how to move smoothly and to be gentle when leading through the turns. Bonnie Torguson


11. This workshop will focus on teaching the technique of the Chicago dance-style: enhance turns and skills, feel the rhythm, experience grace and smoothness, perfect your style, and cruise to the music. Michelle Dawson and Calvin Grayson

12. This class will progress into more advance pattern actions and styling of Hustle. Participants should have some previous Hustle experience. Judy Burke

13. Hustle. Class will focus on turns for both leaders and followers and syncopated leg and footwork for the ladies. Joyce Szili

14. West Coast Swing. Learn how to lead speed change moves that add style. Find out how the top dancers play with the music and more. Barry Duran.

15. Chicago Stepping. Demonstrate lead/follow, techniques of the man's lead - Indications, partnership skills, and styling. Carol Patterson and Steve Mathews

16. Salsa. Learn some combos based off the basic cross body lead. Learn simple ladies' and men's styling and some fun, fancy footwork. Jeri Dembrak

17. Carolina Shag. Instructors will teach an amalgamation and break down the points of technique used to execute the steps. Focus will be on connection and partnering. This class will improve your lead and follow skills. Sheila and Rob Purvey.


18. Stunts II (drops, dips, leans, and leverages). Spice up your dancing with some of the flashy moves that can help you sizzle on the dance floor. Proper balance, timing, and counterbalance technique will make this a breeze and fun too. Barry Duran

19. Turn Techniques. Anyone can learn to turn better, both the leaders and followers. Learn proper balance, footwork, prep, momentum, and spotting to improve your turns - by yourself and with a partner. Barry Duran

20. Stunts I. Learn some exciting stunts (with one foot on the floor) to boost up your social dancing, as well as, competitive dancing. Tamara Brown and Kevin Fitzhugh

21. "For Ladies Only". The instructor will teach five of her signature moves, e.g., the grapevine, back tuck w/leg ronde; the turn away move; the kick back; and more. Vernell Alston

22. Night Club 2 Step. Learn the basic step for Night Club 2 Step building on as you go along. This lesson will end with a nice amalgamation that will go right on the dance floor. We'll also include some partnering skills to help you feel and look great as you dance this romantic dance! Rob and Sheila Purkey

23. Stunts II (aerial, lift, drop, dip, oversway, move, lean, adagio figure, etc.). Show the instructor an outline of an adagio stunt you would like to learn and he will teach it. Basics of connection, setup, move, and exit will be taught. Craig Hutchison

24. Spin I. Learn the basics of spinning on one foot to include the use of head, torso, arms, legs, feet, balance, momentum, and exercises. Craig Hutchison

25. Spin II. A spin is a turn on one leg with the non-support leg held in collected position. The torque for a spin can be generated by non-support leg action prior to the spin such as a Paddle Swivel, Kick, Ronde, or Side Rock. The technique and exercises for developing your spinning skills will be taught.
Craig Hutchison

26. How to be a better Partner. Learn how to dance "with" your partner. Nici Mahlandt

27. Competition and Judging--everything you wanted to know. Nici Mahlandt

28. Line dancing. Come and have fun while getting a goooooooooood workout.
Sharon Holmes.

Surprise dance demonstrations are being negotiated, such as the West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Line Dances, Team Dances, Trios, etc.

Still, some of the proceeds of the competition will be donated to St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home

Ads for the program booklet and vending requests need to be submitted ASAP to {email removed}, make checks payable to Creative Concepts by Marcia and send to P.O. Box 2936, New Carrollton, Maryland 20784, or call 301-772-7877. All other information pertaining to the competition remains the same

In closing, to all of those many, many adorable people who supported me through my elevated sugar level and cruisifixion--I sincerely--thank you. To all of those special people that went out of their way to checked on my well being, I will never forget your kindness and love. Thank you so much.

Please come to the 2nd Most Creative Hand Dance Competition and enjoy the spectacular competitions, dance parties until 4:00 am in the morning, creative workshops, and fun.


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