Most Odd Tradition

What's the most odd tradition you've made up to get yourself ready to perform/teach/dance? Do you have any superstitions [ie: wear the same shoes, or say a prayer etc]? :D I have to count from 1-10 breathing deeply then kiss my necklace pendant lol. oOo superstitious! :shock:


I used to always perform at the same place. To start I always had a choice between walking down two different flights of stairs. After a horrible performance one night, I always opted for the other flight of stairs for every subsequent performance (over 100).

Also, If I ever feel like I had a shotty performance dancing to one peice of music, I avoid that song at all costs in the future.
Well I know it's not traditional or anything but I'm diggin No Doubt-Hella Good to practice cha cha to [hehe] and I really like La Cumparsita for tango. :D

Vince A

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"The right song makes all the difference"

MissAlyssa . . .

What you said about the song . . . is the "key" to my performance on the floor. In Jack and Jills, Scholarships, Just Dances, social dances, etc., I sweat more about getting "the right song" more than anything else. I don't worry about "what if I draw someone who can't follow me,' or should I be more fair to followers, and say, "what if I cannot lead this person?"

The song is my deal breaker! I once entered a "Hustle" contest, and knew, with the "lady with the great Hustle arms" that I was matched up with, that we would surely win! No doubt in my mind. Then, the music started! Ungodly slow for hustle . . . and I just wasn't there. So I did little more than basics, but my partner made up for all my inadequacies . . . and we did win, but through no help from me. Just couldn't handle the song. It would have been a better slow WCS song.

Same with the cha cha . . . if it's too slow . . . I have trouble.


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