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another apology

When you came on board, I resented your contradictions of my statements in my documentaries, and I still do. However, after reading your story, I saw another human being than I had envisioned, and this D'nice, I have to admit I like. All your confabulations were not my cup of tea because as Alyssa said, 'I had a 'grudge' that developed from what I saw as your unwarranted contradictions of my documented reports.
After reading your story, I realize I had a grudge against a shadow I thought was D'nice, and not the person you now have become in my mind.
Apologies are only words, but accept my regret in having gotten the wrong impression of you from the start. Your story got to me.
Thanks for sharing it.
But don't think for a heart beat that I'm buying that Texas Tommy Swingout crap?
Black Sheep, the last of the loners. [/quote]


That was awesome, hahah! You both make my day on here all the time, I'm glad to have you both.

And more on topic:
Nothing happened, but everything happened to me that day.
Aren't those always the most marking moments! Excellent story, very powerfully shared.

Thank you both for your stories-- truely awesome.

Thank you for sharing something that was not easy to share, pygmalion. While it will never reach the magnatude of your experience, we all have something to learn (or strengthen confirmation) from your story so I thank you for sharing it.

And D nice... that's just plain ADORABLE!!!
I have had tons of memorable experiences... they are of a different sort. When I think about it no one thing jumps to mind (at least nothing I'd want to post on a public forum :wink: )

I look at things... and when you look at things-- really look-- you start to notice things, you make discoveries. Discoveries about things that are always there and ready for anyone to discover.

I love details. Last Feburary I took a short walk through a wooded area
near a remote building where I was working for school. I had heard that there was a ropes course there and since it was still daylight I figured I'd check it out.

Yeah, the course was quite limited but the woods were beautiful with a fresh blanket of snow, soft and smooth-- this was my first winter with snow EVER so I had a lot to take in! Interrupting this smoothness, I noticed what appeared to be mouse tracks in the snow.

I couldn't tell if they were coming or going but that didn't stop me from following them. It was wonderful tracking the course of this little mouse. They started (or ended)beneath a rock then it darted in straight lines from tree to tree. I could see where it had used a fallen branch for a bridge and where it had jumped off (perhaps fallen? I mused) and continued back in straight darts from tree to tree until the tracks lead me to the main road several yards away from my entrance. This is where I slipped down the snowy bank and where I left the little mouse footprints along with my own.

My memories work more this way... tons of them waiting for me to notice... serving as a reminder how each day is a blessing and has something wonderful to offer and it's only waiting for me to do my part and look, appreciate, and admire.


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That's really a beautiful account, Swing Kitten.

There's so much beauty around us, if only we slow down, take a minute and look. It takes a special person to see the world that way. :D
Swing Kitten said:
This is where I slipped down the snowy bank and where I left the little mouse footprints along with my own.
So the Swing Kitten never caught the mouse, but enjoyed the chase.
In some strange ways, this makes perfect sense. :wink:

It’s a gift to enjoy the small wonders around us. 8) :D 8)
Well, as most of you know I haven't had many years to gather 'life tales' but I am going to share one of the most wonderful moments in my life.

This is back when I was about a Sophomore in high school. I came home from school one day to find my younger sister (who was in the 5th grade) sitting at the kitchen table talking to my mom. She was scolding her for not starting on her essay that was due the next week (she had a parent/teacher conference that day). My mom, determined to get my sister started on it at that very instant, demanded to know who my sister was writing her essay about (she was to write an essay on her "hero"). My sister refused to give my mom an answer and wouldn't tell her why. My mother was fuming! She sent my sister to her room and that was the last I heard of it. The following week I came home from school just as I always did. I went to my room to change my school clothes and put my backpack away when I saw some papers on my bed. I'm thinking to myself "Please, if there is a god don't let this be a bad report card" wasn't. I picked up the stack of papers and on the front page it read

"My Hero"
by Robyn Cherry
5th Grade
Mrs. Bravakos' Class

I was momentarily confused. I flipped the page. I WAS IN AWE....the paper read something like this:

My hero isn't a basketball player that makes lots of money and it's not a famous singer or actor. She isn't on tv or the radio, she isn't even old enough to vote. My hero is my big sister Alyssa....

I can't explain to you how awesome that was. I always figured my sister despised me. After all I hardly ever let her hang out with my friends and I, or even take her to the park if she asked. I guess I got so hung up with my social life that I didn't realize that the one that really needed my attention was literally "next door".
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I really know what you mean Miss Alyssa. I didn't realize just how much my sisters admired me until I left for college. It is a shock, but a sweet one as well.

And that is the absolute cutest thing in the whole wide univere, D nice!

I also haven't had many years to experience, but I can easily pinpoint my favorite moment. I'm Hispanic, so when I turned fifteen I had my quinceranera (Forgive the abscense of the proper N). I got 28 of my high school friend, 14 boys and 14 girls, into frilly lavendar dresses and tuxedos, and we choreographed a "waltz". (I put that in quotes because we did it to the Blue Danube, and if that bunch of adolescent freaks were doing anything on that wooden floor, it certainly wasn't a waltz.) But anyways, the day of the Quince, the "watlz" was over with, and all my friend were in a U shape around me, the girls on their knees, and I was in the center with everything quiet and nothing happening.

At this point, I should say that I have this little obsession for the movie Beauty and the Beast. My dress for the Quince was modeled after the yellow Belle dress, that's how much I loved, and still love the movie.

So, there's absolute silence, and then the them from Beauty and the Beast comes on, and I look to the left, and out of the "mist", a person in a Beast costume comes out to dance with me! My friends say they never have seen my mouth open so wide in surprise. They all knew, I didn't. It was absolutely classic.

I have another moment, but it involves a story my Great-Grandmother told me about her life, and I've already written one thing, and it's waaaay too long. But I still have to mention her.


EDIT: By the way, if anyone doesn't know what a quinceranera is, it's basically the coming of age party for a hispanic girl of 15, comparable to the bat or bar mitzva, or a sweet sixteen. I think most people know what that is, but I had to add it.

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