Motorola RAZR in Pink FOR SALE!


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it's an idea... it's been a long time since i evaluated my wireless options. am wondering which has the best value-connectivity ration. verizon is high on connectivity... but not sure about value.


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yep. spoke w/ verizon. chris & IJ are correct -- a no-go.

checked up on AT&T plans, checked up on Verizon plans... Verizon wins both on cost & connectivity, making it appear to me to be the best value. so... am staying put as a Verizon customer.

sorry, glammie... can't buy your gorgeous pink phone!

maybe put it on ebay for UK/Euro mobile users???
Samina - If your heart is after a new cute phone, and it's time for you to renew your 2-year contract, you can get a brand new phone, with lots of choices (including, most likely, a RAZR). Go to amazon and check their choices. You'll get a new phone more or less for free when you sign on for a new plan. I just did that a few months ago, and I didn't even change carriers. I use AT&T because I travel internationally a lot and it's the only one that works for that.

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