Music For Dancers: Part 8 now live on YouTube

I just posted Part 8 of the "Music For Dancers" series on YouTube.

It is NOT salsa specific, but rather a grounding in the music that cuts across music styles.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

It was a secret, but you have my permission to share it with your closest dance friends ;)

My goal is one video per week. So far I'm 8 videos in 9 weeks, but I have enough materials to continue for at least the next year.

All feedback welcomed!
I haven't watched all of them, but it seems you mostly have ballroom type songs. Do you plan on making any videos for hip-hop?

LOL: Wow, you're the first to say something like that. (Often others want more salsa, or afro-cuban, or something else.)

I'm not sure what type of music fits ballroom exactly, so I'm not sure which songs have that feel to you.

As for HH, I love it (take classes in it regularly with a high profile guy here in So Cal.)

All the principles in the videos apply across a range of styles and music, so I'd be curious what concepts are you looking to see explored.

And just for fun, my latest article/video is on the subject of genre specific music for learning. (I think the video is less than 5 min, you might want to check it out, I'll put link below.)

That said, let me know what concept is not clear with the example music I use. I'm all over the map in terms of music, but mostly look for great examples of the concepts.

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