Music influences the dance style

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Connoisseurs of Dance,
Does Music influence the style for the dancer or do dancers influence the style of music that becomes popular?
Of course it is a two way street, but I believe the Music has had a stronger influence on our Ballroom dances that is obvious to me from the long view of half a century of listening to music and the observing dance trends. The Twist is a classical example of how a new music mode suddenly started a dance craze that literally obliterated the Ballroom dancers to a minute percentage of the dancer population. But more significantly, I believe the increase tempos of the Mambo Beat into the faster Salsa rhythms put Mambo on a back burner, just as the new faster tempos of pop music influenced the popularity of Balboa and the easier less stylized Lindy called WCS.
If DJ's and musicians and band leaders began coming out with the 1940' 1950' style music, the Savoy Lindy, I'm certain, would increase in popularity significantly.
The 40' and 50's music was more romantic, mellow, and smoother compared with the raucous cacophonous sounds popular today.
There's an old economic argument that goes something like, 'You asked for it with you patronage'. I do not believe it! I'm convinced, that we the public 'did not ask for it'; we are duped by advertising programming into believing that's what we want, just like cigarettes were sold to the public before we knew better.
Much of the new music we dance to today is shear junk, because we do not have the composers of the 40's and 50's so we are sold this artificial music so some company can make some bucks by diluting the product with inferior compositions, and at a higher price!.
When the Twist took over the music market and it was closely followed by the Disc Music, more Junk, and the craze of Rap Music which ain't music at all, then the classical competent composers couldn't make a living and lost the market to hack song writers who can't find a decent melody and then slap the most un-poetic inappropriate lyrics to it and then plug it into your eardrums until you become melody and harmony deaf.
When my grandchildren ages 7-19, come to visit me and hear my classical or pop music of the 1940' and 50's, they are fascinated by it and express their preference for it over the new music being jammed down the new generation's ear lobes.
Even some of the musicians and DJ' have told me, that they are 'TIRED' of hearing 'Tuxedo Junction' and 'In the Mood'. How about Beethoven's 5th Symphony, I suppose they are tired of hearing that too. Great music never becomes 'tiring'; it's mediocre musicians and tin eared DJ's that are tiring.
Why don't dancers, who know there is better music, demand that DJ's and Band leaders play the great Classics of the 1940's and 50's?
You pay their salary's with your entree fees, in case you are not aware of it, and you do have that privileged of politely making requests.
And maybe the Lindy will once again have the appropriate music for that smooth romantic mesmerizing rhythm that influences the dancers to a more aesthetic graceful style of dancing.
Black Sheep, your friendly instructor
Rob Rio's CD

Connoisseurs of Music,
Two days ago I posted a new thread, 'How music influences dance', and I was deploring the paucity of good ol' time music of the 1940's and 50's. And in that very morning mail I receive a brand new CD release just loaded with Shag, Bal, Charleston and Swing music in the style of those early pre WW II days. It was like Rob Rio was reading my mind when he mailed me the kind of music I was longing to hear. I had to listen to the CD twice before I began to really believe my ears , and the third time assured me that Rob Rio's new CD, 'Back to L.A.' on BOSS Productions, is just what we need to wake up the enthusiasm for those vintage style dances.
I saw Rob perform only twice this past year, and he puts on one very exhilarating show that sends you home in a euphoric haze. I'm bringing the CD to Joshua at the 3rd street Promenade this Sunday, August 17th, so we all can enjoy this last contribution from one of our most talented and entertaining musicians. And he lives right here in L.A. Check out his web site, .
Black Sheep, your friendly instructor
Swinging Music of the 1950's

Music for Lindy Lovers,
I have observed that our pop jazz music of tjhe 1940', 50's has been
influenced by the Disco Craze that lasted some 20 years, and as a result we lost the original quality of our 1950's music which had a smooth rhythmic harmonious sound the blended lyrics and music with incredible aesthetics. The best proof of this is to pick up some of these old vintage classics that I list below that were favorites in every dance studio and dance ballroom and club in the 1950's.

Songs made for Lindy Dancing:
So Rare. Woodchopper's Ball, One O'clock Jump, Tuxedo Junction, Caravan (Balboa), Little Brown Jug, Green Eyes, Cherokee (primo), Poinciana, Let's Dance, Drum Boogie, Frenesi, String of Pearls, Take the A Train, Opus One, Being the Beguine,Satin Doll, Special Delivery Stomp (bal), Stomping at the Savoy, Song of India (bal), It don't Mean a Thing, Sing Sing Sing, Tangerine, Marie (bal), Pennsylvania 6-5000, Jukebox, Let me off Uptown, Blue Skies, And her tears flowed like wine, What is this thing called Love, Deep Purple (slow but beautiful), April in Paris, Dardanelle (bal), The Shiek of Araby (bal), Night and Day, Flying Home, Pompton Turnpike, Clap Hands, here Comes Charley, Oh Marie, Taint's What you Do, Strictly Instrumental, Four or five Times, The American Patrol, Moonlight Serenade (last of a lovely evening), Lullaby of Broadway., Dancing in the Dark, Just one of those Things, Love for Sale, Lover, Artistry in Rhythm, Intermission Riff, Bernie's Tune, Rose Room, Sophisticated Lady, Running Wild and Mood Indigo.
And Rob Rio's new CD, 'Back to L.A.' has a sampling of music for the
Shag, Charleston, Lindy, and even some rowdy Honky Tonk foot shakers with a boiling caldron of sizzling hard hitting masterful piano Bookie Woogie thrown in for you wild and crazy dancers. And Rob Rio has got the vocal chords and energy to back it up.
And about a thousand more classical musical masterpieces that you can discover if you take the time.

Black Sheep, your friendly instructor.

Vince A

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MissAlyssa said:
All music is good music...who it's good to depends on what you like.
I wholeheartedly agree!
Personally, I could WCS to Latin music, to big band swing music, to funky Michael Jackson music, to hardcore Country & Western music. It's music, and as the quote above says . . "All music is good music . . ."
All music is good?

Above critics,
Why do you take my clearly stated theme, 'How Music Influences Dance' and turn it into a circus of CRITICISM of all music?
The songs I listed above are the songs that WERE popular during the 1950 all round the USA, that is what I said. And I theorized that the romantic smooth Swing music with it's incredible blending of 'Words with Music' influenced our dancing whether it was WCS, Savoy Lindy, Shag, or any variation of those vintage dances.
I listed them for dancers who might be interested in buying the style of music that was most danced to when the Lindy and Chain Studio Swing (WCS) was popular in the 1950's. I would never use the obscene word
'C--p' as D'nice once again and continually is mis-Quoting me in his satanic attempt to define me in some derogatory terms.
I did not list my favorite songs, only those that were popular at the Swing Venues all over the country in my day. And take a look at your critiques; above; how do you manage to distort my theme clearly expressed into a criticism of all music?
And although I don't have D'nice's word, 'c--p in my vocabulary, I definitely consider some of the of musical videos and CD's that the greedy music purveyors jam down the inexperienced youth's society who most have no musical background or have not yet developed a sense of aesthetics, dump their 'Junk' music as 'cool' using some artificially created Rap Singer who spreads 'Junk' around the world like a pestilent plaque.
And although I do feel that Rap Songs have a place in our world of music, However, only when they avoid encouraging violence and do not contribute to the degradation of our culture to its lowest denominator with their satanic preaching. I place that degrading type of Rap in the same category as pornography. If that's what you like there should be places where you can indulge yourself, but like cigarette advertising, child pornography and information on how to blow up the twin towers, this 'Junk' should not have the privilege of using the 'Public Air Waves' to weaken our culture through the conditioning of our youth to be aesthetically and intellectually dumb, deaf, and blind!
I wonder why the first subjects dropped out of the public school curriculums are always Music, Physical Education and the Performing Arts?
If I did not have these three subjects as part of the standard public school curriculum, I am certain I would have been seriously culturally improvised.
No, I don't use D'nice's fecal word 'C--p' but I still think our youth should be exposed in the Public Shools to classical and modern pop jazz music by our 20th Century Music Masters like the Duke, Goodman, Miller, Jerry Gray, Hampton, Berlin, Rhymsky Korssakov, Cole Porter. Johnny Mercer, Mancini, Jerome Kern, Stan Kenton, Louis Prima, Van Heusen & Sammy Kahn, Luncerford, Antonio, Carlos Jobin, Rogers & Hart, and Oscar Hammerstein. Where are your great American Composers today in the 21 st Century?
These were the Music Makers of my day, 1923 to 1960. And the Cassical style of their brilliant musical compositionsthat that still prevails through
the musty haze of the too much 'Junk' being pandered by those greedy music seducers of our youth.
But I never used D'nice's vernacular, 'C--p'! Just another one oif his mis-Quoes and counting!

Black Sheep, your friendly instructor.
Joe... crap wasn't a quote of you, but a quote of myself from a different thread enitrely. I actually believe that there is good and bad music... I just think that every genre has both, that no one genre is all bad or all good. That is the only place I disagree with your post. I'm curious by what standards you judge. I know what mine are.

Why is every post that I ask you question immediately taken as an attack?
Rob Rio' Music and it's infuence

Rob Rio Fans,
This past Sunday August 17 th, on the 3rd Street "Promenade at the Santa Monica Venue, sponsored by Joshua Castleman, Rob Rio's latest CD release, 'Back in L.A' received an enthusiastic reception by Joshua's Jazz dancers. Before Rob's first song was played there were only three couples on the street dancing with the largest by far audience of all the entertaining events along the 3 blocks of the Promenade, which included, Tango dancing, Salsa dancing's, Break Dancing, and several other dance and musical events.
When Joshua hit the console button for Rob's first Boogie Woogie Stomp, the three couples already in the dance area got with it on that first beat, and from the crowd surrounding the area, one couple at a time joined in dancing to the captivating Rob Rio's Boogie Swing rhythm until I counted several couples dancing the Joshua Jive style with only two couples dancing the strictly WCS. It was a graphic illustration on how 'Music influenced the Dancers'. The style of many of the couples expressed the invigorating bounce of that Boogie Woogie style of music.
I wasn't aware that Joshua already was a Rob Rio Fan, and so will many of you become Rio fans once you hear his music.

Black Sheep, your friendly instructor.
Not Guilty, D'nice

The words below are from my above Commentaries, you added the word 'C--p', and in Quotes. Now you say you weren't Quoting me!
"ain't music at all, and Shear Junk".
[As per Dance Forums Guidline #4, "attacks on a person's character" have been removed]
Don't thank me for the advice. I give it the protect posterity from fallacious verbiage. No offense meant!
And please stop explaining what other people mean by the text of their posts. What are you, a mind reader?

Black Sheep, your friendly instructor.
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