My aching shoulder!!!


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Yup and yup. One of my early salsa mentors (although I'm not sure if he knew he was such) said that the only way you ever really improved your "on the floor dancing" was by building up – as he termed it – your "sweat equity." ...And the only way to do that is floor time!
ahhhh Northern California, home sweet home... I miss it very much! Although I'm sure I'll miss it more around Feburary when it gets freezing here!

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments already expressed. Just remember that every dancer in the hall was a beginner at some point-- EVERY ONE OF THEM!! Most of them remember what it is like and if they are worth your time whatsoever they will extend to you courtesy and real understanding. Don't worry what they might think... it's much more fun to dance with a beginner who is earnestly trying and having fun then it is to dance with a rockstar that makes the dance all about him.

Go out

Have fun

Report back! ;)

I can see this group will not take no for an answer! Well, as it stands I will be taking 4 dance classes a week (M-Th) and then striving to go out dancing...err I mean DEFINITELY going out dancing on Friday's and the weekends. I've got a lot of family things going on too, but dance is what is keeping me sane! :)

Danish Guy - The odd part is that I have not made any dancing friends around here (save you wonderful forum folks!)...which is another reason why I'm eager to start at another school. I go to dances solo...every one I've been to I go by myself. The last one...well it is tough being the new guy and everyone else there knows each other...mostly couples and such. As I've said before...I rarely see people at my level...there will be really advanced dancers, and then instructors. So, the last few dances I've been to were really short on younger ladies who are more beginner/int types...and if there are some then the experienced leads tend to hog them. It takes a little more guts than I have at this point to be the new guy and approach strangers who are all sitting together! Of course, I'll have to just try more dances and other venues...believe me once things settle down with my family and I have my space back, I'll be dancing every damn night of the week!!! :p

I guess I must be fairly good looking since women always ask me to dance...even though I'm still shy they never seem to let me sit down for too long. And I always get up for the mixers and line dances...where else would you get to do a Shim Sham? Fun fun fun! :)

Will get out there and dance. I'm going on vacation in a few days...don't know if I'll have time to dance in Arizona...wait, I'll make time! How's that sound? :D


Sounds good to me. :D

Hope you get some friends at your new school. :together:

One of the things that kept me going on full throttle was doing something together after the class. Some of us did go for a beer or a coffee after class. Talking about the dance, the class, and tings that had nothing to do with dance. I’m still doing this.

Now I’m on an email chain, so we can coordinate meetings before arrangements, grill nights, training, workshops and so on. I don’t depend on others to show up and dance, but it’s more fun going together.

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