My Authentic Cha Cha

Larinda McRaven

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hey, they are quite wide. you can use some material or a zip to put under your shoes so that pants will not fly around. :cool::p
They are not THAT wide... but they are loose at the bottom. A piece of elastic from side seam to side seam and then slip that under your shoe can easily keep them from flying around.


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To me it seems like it has more of a disco/hustle/westcoast than a latin flavor to me.
Especially something about the timing around :30 on the video. Not a fan of the kind of fist-pump arm style thing right before that at :27, either. The rest didn't look WCS/disco-y but that little segment did.

The trousers aren't bothering me! I'm less a fan of floppy/bell sleeves.

Angel HI

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I believe the OP's comment to be more rhetorical than descriptive. Also, being that it was posted several months ago, it seems a wee odd for a new member (2e post) to choose that particular post to reply to.

Not a classy move, but welcome to the DF, alvit.


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can I guve a suggestion there are portions of the dance that seem well very... sleepy because of the timing I guess may I suggest adding a bit more syncopations?

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