My dance website, up for review. What do you think?

I checked out your main page and clicked out after about 30 seconds. Here are my thought in no particular order:
Bright pink on black bothered me.
There was no way to know it was a dance site until after the long download of the flash/image/video clip with the three balerina's
Your links on the left struck me as being ad's, i didn't want to click on them.

You should start your pageload with a quickloading graphic that relates to dance. Maybe put the video thing on another page.
My website currently has the same problem with a slow downloading flash animation. ( I have a skip button but when i look at my server logs I find the majority of visitors never get past that intro page. You may want to consider that.

Good luck, and the more html you know the more flexible you will become.
Hi Joel! I'm into web design too. I noticed that you used Homestead? I used to use that program until I started to do everything by hand again. I now use xhtml, xml, css style sheets, and java. <-Main Site The first page is fine. I like it. The only thing that really throws me off is the Ebay link. I'm not sure why you have it on your site. And then when you click to enter, I feel as though you have to many links on that page, or they are not set up right. I don't think that I like the table format. The only other thing is that I think that you have to many colors to separate the pages with. I think that a site should be consistent with colors. You can reverse the black and pink, but I would say stay away from the green etc., because you can get confused as to if you are on the same site or not. Very cute pictures! I like the purple and gray together, but again, I don't think that you should separate the pages by colors. I think that you should replace the blue and green pages with the gray, because it looks like you are going to a different site. And then you have a Home and a Welcome links that gets confusing. There should only be one link that goes to the home/welcome page. In other words, the home/welcome page should be one page only not two pages. I like the pages, but again when you click on the links, some come up purple, and some come out black. I think that if you were to change them all to black when you click on the links that you will be fine! Very cute pages though! How fun! The Dates page was a little confusing, but otherwise it looked pretty consistent! I like the setup, but the links that say Visit the Encore Store etc. at the very top of the page make it look like there are two links instead of one link, but yet the two links go to the same page. That doesn't make sense to me. I love that store! How cute! But the first question that came to my mind was, do you accept checks or does everything have to be ordered by credit card? You may want to include that information, and hopefully they will say yes to checks or money orders for those of us that don't have credit cards! This was fine! I will say that if you meant to add this to your first page, then you may want to change the link to where it's directed right, because then I could see why you have it on your home page.

I hope that I don't sound mean! Welcome to the forum! ;)

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