My Favorite Rumbas


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slavik and karina had a beautiful rumba in 2004 or something??? they did the same show at wws 2 years in a row but the first year you could tell how in love they were.. the second year was during the beginning of the end for them, i think.. either way, both performances were beautiful (in my mind)
Allan Serena 1999(I love Allan and I'm very happy that he and Vibike Toft willl perform at Copenhagen Open)
Bryan Carmen 1999
Jukka and Sirpa 2000 (I can't find video)
Allan Serena 2000
Allan and Serena WSSDF 2001
Paul Hanna 2003
Michael Joanna 2004
Michael Beata 2004
Sergey Elena 2005Favorite rumba EVER!! I LOVE this couple! Well, I think I can say that I *becca* them! ;)
Michael Joanna 2005(They are so natural here.... 2004,2006 as well. Much more natural than now...(IMHO)
Bryan Carmen 2005 I love Eva Cassidy... and of course this rumba!
Michael Joanna 2006 Maxim Yulia 2006"Angela" of course....
Sergey Melia 2006
Stokkebroes rumba from World Masters 2007(Austria)(the same routina as at WSSDF 2007 but I think that this one from Austria was a little bit better
Slavik Elena 2007(brings memories. Very beautyful but very sad memories...
Bryan Carmen 2008 Basic Rumba (I watched thi dance only 2or 3 times because I cry like a baby... every time)
Sergey Melia 2008
I don't have any favorites WSSDF videos
Timokhin -Petrova Last Rumba(I love this guy!!)

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