My Jive... Oh my!


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Yes, I do more than Argentine Tango. ;) We had a lot of fun with this jive!

This was filmed for WLOX last week. There appears to be a syncing problem with the music and our movement, unfortunately.

On a side note -the dress may be for sale soon. My torso is simply too short to pull off a two-piece! Hate to part with that dress though. I'll post in the for sale section if I decide to put it up.
Oh that was so good! What fun to be able to do all of those lifts and things like that! But man... I will say that I was tired just by watching you dance lol. I'm not sure if I can handle the Jive! ;)


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good for you, Me! am very impressed... thought you looked adorable in your red two-piece number... that's the one you stoned yourself after an ebay purchase, right? very nice!

you're long legs are gorgeous, btw... ;)
Great jive, Me! I love dancing jive...I always feel like I'm burning lots of calories, though I don't think I've ever burned as many as you and your partner in the video! Great job.


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I'm glad you guys like it. :) It is a bit long... I think I shave five years off my life each time I dance it. :eek:

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