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As was mentioned in the "Mesh Shirt" thread, I am working on a new showcase number, a combination Rumba/Cha Cha. It was first exhibited this past friday; its still more rough than I'd like, but we're among friends here...

If the screen looks a little jumbled when it first starts, try pressing reload and it should fix it.

[Mods, I wasn't sure where to put this ... as another reply to the "Why don't more people post videos thread", as a new thread in the ballroom dance section, or here... I think here is correct? but with almost all the topics being posts of extremely inspiring pro shows from third parties, I was a little uncertain....]


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Hmm, what do you see? Just black, static, or something like colorful modern art? If the latter, pressing reload has fixed it for me. If its the former, your QuickTime plugin might be too old. Check Apple's QuickTime page for an update (I'm using the H.264 codec that was bundled into QuickTime 7, released around June 2005)
I can see it just fine.

I'm not much into hardcore ballroom dancing etc, so maybe I don't have good perspective on the aesthetics of your dance - but fwiw, i'd say that you should focus on your stability and smoother transitions. At the very end of the video, I could see you having a hard time supporting your partner, probably from not being well grounded on your feet before she burdened you with he weight. And with 'transitions', I mean that in many hand switches, I can see your hand lingering in the air for just a fraction of a second more than it should before your partner takes it. I wish these were more seamless.

Those two things aside, I found the video extremely graceful and interesting. Much better than anything I've seen (in the last 2 years) in the showcase performences in ballroom studio where I started learning.


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Very nice! I really like your choreography -- it looks like its fun to dance. Challenging. Did you guys do that yourself???

The two of you complement each other nicely! Please continue to post vids of this as it evolves! :)

Awesome, thank you for posting! Don't know enough about technique, so can't comment on that but can say love the music by Shakira and your mesh shirt. It went great with her outfit.
ok - downloading the new quicktime fixed it.

Very nice job! I thought the mesh shirt was a very nice touch.

A few spots looked a little unsure, but overall it was clean and the choreography was fun. Be sure to keep us updated on how it's going! :)
Please don't be offended I think you both did exceptionally well. Whatever i say i hope you take as something to work on rather than to be discouraged by. I would agree that more facial expression was needed. And the only thing that i didn't like was your partner. I can't really explain it except i didn't like her arms...they just didn't seem strong enough to me for the choreography. Maybe someone else can tell me what they think. I just felt they should have been more powerful..and less like sloppy ballerina.
It's a very nice routine and choreography. I know you mentioned that it still has some rough edges, so let me point you out which ones I saw, and yes, please keep posting as it evolves...

I agree that it would be nice to for you guys to have a little more facial expression, but more concerned than that is that I didn't see you settle your hips, that would give you more hip action that another df'er wanted to see. You seem too airy... (if that even makes sense). Try to be more grounded. It looks like your about to lift off. Try exhaling as you settle and that'll help you be more grounded and balanced. And the arms, make them look a little more natural. And last but not least, it looks like you both are trying too hard to remember the routine. It takes time and a whole lot of practice. You guys have a lot of potential; I know that as you guys keep doing the routine you'll be able to incorporate everything else, and that'll be a hell of a good show.

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