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Nice site, tt.

Interesting comments about International Latin.Would love to hear more about that, sometime. :cool:

In a nutshell..What Pierre imported from S.America/Cuba ,was not truly representative of the indigenous dances.TYhe one dance that was even close, was the old form of Square Rumba, abandoned for the current style .

And, the competive arena, embellished all the dances, to a point where they have strayed from their core values ( Musically, its beyond belief ! ) .

And, there is virtually no separation between social, performance and competition styles .
The American "Social " style, did get it right .


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Ah. That makes a lot of sense. :cool: It's rare to see someone in the ballroom world speak that kind of truth. And, of course, you've been around long enough to know of what you speak. You rock.:)

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