"My Parents' Extreme Tango Makeover"


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studio 360 reports:

"When Yowei Shaw was in college, her parents' relationship started to change. Maybe it was empty nest syndrome, maybe it was a midlife crisis — she's not quite sure. But after taking dance lessons on board a cruise ship, her parents turned their lives upside down for the tango.
They went from a couple who stayed home watching the History Channel to dancers going out five nights a week, perfecting their technique. They even renovated their house to make room for a dance floor.
A few months ago, they made the trip to Buenos Aires, the tango’s birthplace and epicenter. They were dying to study under the dance stars whose videos they'd watched religiously on YouTube. But their daughter observed that if tango solved some problems, it created others."
Thank you for sharing. I believe it is great when people try a new endeavor later in life, things that make their life more interesting and them altogether happier.
I find it double wonderful when they are ready to try them together as a couple.
In the comments to the story someone wonders if it is not too late to learn tango at 70. I wish to tell them -- go for it.


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a moderator note; it is true that on this forum we do not name particular individuals in going beyond a detached analysis of specific public dance events...thanks...


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Hi everyone,
Thanks for listening to my little sister's radio piece. My family is so pleased about the compliments that it is getting. We are indeed two different people. My little sister is starting up her career as a radio producer and journalist but does not dance any tango. Unfortunately, I am the only child in my family to take tango up as well. As someone who has been dancing and interacted with dancers closely for 5 years in Hong Kong, Chicago and Pittsburgh, I know well that the story my sister has captured is a very common one for couples in the dance community. Believe me, it is really hard being pulled into the middle of one of my parents' tango arguments and asked to take sides!
Hope you enjoy the story and pass it on to your friends. :)

BTW, I'm happy that you enjoyed the music which I helped my sister to pick out as the soundtrack. I wanted people to hear music that we really dance to, not the stereotypical por una cabeza.


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hi alfa - welcome to DF. I think your little sister did a wonderfully insightful job of illustrating some of the typical dynamics within the tango community, as well as the assumptions by onlookers.

Enjoyed the music selections!

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