My partner posted 2 sets of tails on ebay


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Well, tails are about 1300 so not necessarily that much cheaper.. The most expensive ones can cost up to 1900 so fairly close to a decent gown...


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But they're a heck of a lot cheaper, per wear, unless I miss my guess. Ladies switch gowns how often? And men? How often do they buy new tails? :? Another of life's little (or not so little) injustices, in my jaundiced view. :wink:


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I wonder if anyone's tried it. :shock: :wink:

A vision is coming to mind of a rhinestoned cowboy...maybe with twinkling lights... :tongue:


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I don't remember the new dress code saying anything about rhinestones for men. Someone could have a great deal of fun with this... if they don't mind causing a little talk. :wink:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

i wonder what's going to happen if he shows up in a standard competition wearing tails w/ rhinestones?? that's not against the rules, is it??

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