My stunning beaded gown on ebay


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kitty tried it on some time ago and it looks like good lenghth on her.. she is 5'2''. so ideally smaller than me or michelle.. as short as 5'2'' will fit


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If only I danced Standard. And competed. And had money for a gown. And was thin enough to wear it.

Although the magpie part of me says it's a good thing I don't have the money, or I'd be tempted to buy it just to look at it. This may very well be my favorite dress of yours, Kat. It's absolutely gorgeous.


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yes, was ok for show but would have been uncomfortable at a comp with such short skirt., well unless wanted to show off impecable footwrk that's not there yet :)

was considering adding some layers to skirt and making it more full longer and puffy, but I am not best at dress modifications, usually don't play wiht them when they dont work for me from first cecond... lol.

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