name that tune (please)

hi, i live in england and would be very grateful if someone could tell me what song the following is and who sings it?

i have just watched 'smoke jumpers' and there is a great dance scene to this tune on the jukebox:

'too late for a kind word/too late for a smile
you've gone away/ and won't be back for a while

too late for apologies/too late for tears
i should have loved you better/down through the years

(and) i wish i knew then/what i know now
i'd take you in my arms again/make you love me somehow

i wish i knew then how to keep you satisfied/
god knows i wish....' (scene ends)

any help gratefully received, thanks
Well, I'm all about country music and it sounds like a lovely song, but I'm afraid I've never heard it. Maybe someone else will come along soon and help you out.

Welcome to DF!
I just did some research on it (because I was insterested), and Mark Snow was the only person that I came up with. I'm not sure if he wrote the song, because I haven't seen the movie to know what the music is about. But it gives him credit for the music in the movie. So, maybe that's a step in the right direction?
thanks y'all

thank you very much for the effort. i'll keep checking to see if anyone comes up with a definitive answer. it really is a cracking number, i can't stop singing it! thanks again

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