Nashville Starz 2018 - Roll Call


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Just wanted to see if anyone on the forum is planning to be at Nashville Starz in January. I did a forum search and noticed that some posters have attended or considered it in previous years. This will be my first comp with my newest instructor/pro. I'm looking forward to it but nervous, I don't feel prepared and I think it's going to be rocky, but gotta start somewhere if I'm going to try my hand (feet?) at competing. I will only be dancing on Saturday, so if you would like a "how not to do this" show, that would be your opportunity.

Any pointers or helpful notes on this particular event would be appreciated, and feel free to PM me as well if you'd like to connect briefly at the event.


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The event was sold last year so this is the first year with the new organizers - Andre and Natalie paramonov. It’s also on a different weekend than in years past. But if it’s anything like the last, it’s a nice midsize comp- a great first comp to attend.


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I may come up to spectate, but I won't be participating. I never really took part in some of the more unique parts of the competition like the country western BBQ, so I think the only note I can offer is that the pro smooth fields tend to be pretty fabulous and totally worth the price of the evening session ticket.


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I had a really good time. The field was smaller than I was hoping for (I'm not quite in the "B" age category yet) so I ended up placing in all my championships/scholarships but in retrospect I think it was wise to commence here (as opposed to, say, OSB). I wish I had danced better in certain respects, but overall it was a good start and I know what elements need improving. I felt surprisingly comfortable on the floor (e.g. no major nerves or freakouts), and didn't feel hurt or upset when pro got a little cranky with me, I've developed either a steely resolve or else apathy as I'm aging. A couple people I spoke to said I looked relaxed on the floor though I personally think I look uncomfortable (esp in standard) in the videos. Pro said he thought it went much better than he expected, not sure what to make of that observation.

I also bought a fabulous new Latin dress. :inlove: (<= this emoticon is me and my dress).

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