Nationals Vendor, rental and consignment


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I decided to be a vendor at the USA Dance nationals this April. I will be bringing all the gowns with me for sale, will have gowns for rental (for last minute rentals) and will also do consignment store (similar to how blackpool one is set up).

I will be accepting dresses at nationals to be included in my stand will charge $25 listing fee at nationals and 10% of selling price (Blackpool charges I recall 20 or 30 pounds and charges 25%)...

If anyone is interested in including dresses with me you can contact me ahead of time on pm here or on my email connected to this account.

ON another note, will compete on saturday, and am looking for someone to attend to my stand during saturday in exchange for any dress rental, please let me know if interested :)

this is my first time doing something like this so very excited and nervous. This will be a learning experience and hope will be a positive one.. If anyone who is experienced has any advice for me I would really appreciate it.. Any advice helps as I am sure I have not thought of many many different issues :)




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Wanted to add that I will ask for 10 for each additional gown to be added after first one, so not 25 each.. forgot to mention in the first post


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thanks guys, I will be accepting latins as well for consignment, probably will have more standard dresses but totally will post latins too


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Good luck, Kat! I know it's gonna be a hit:)

And if I weren't dancing at the same time as you, I'd definitely help you out in the booth.

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