Need advise about hosting...

For admin or webmasters.
Can you advise me, what hosting do you reccomend to use?

Or... Admin of this site - what hosting or server do you use?

Sorry for my english and sorry for posting in "Dance Websites" forum :)


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google is your friend. Lots (and I mean lots) to choose from.

How much space do you need?
SQL/other databases to consider?
Bandwidth you'd expect to utilise per month?
Budget? (don't forget to factor in the costs of the domain name)

Stick to one with a good reputation/customer service/reliability record imo.
Definitely is the best overall hosting site. The prices are great and the it is very user friendly. Their domain name prices are higher so I register at and host at hostmonter. I currently have 132 domains registered and hosted at this time so I speak from experience. What is great is that you can host unlimited domains and subdomains on one hosting account ($6.95/month). Good luck!
I use godaddy

If you are new to web hosting ect...
I highly recommend godaddy as it is super easy to setup and understand for a person that is new to the game.

hosting is about 6 bucks a month and your domain is usually about 10 bucks a year.

If you have any specific questions let me know.


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