Need help with K-pop choreography

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Thank you for checking out this thread!
I am new to this site so feel free to let me know if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. ^^

This thread is to see if there is anyone interested in choreographing an original rnb song that me and three other girls made. We're all inspired by kpop and have multiple singing/dancing covers in the works, and although we all have some experience with dancing (I helped choreograph a dance a couple years ago and the others have learned a few kpop dances) none of us are really up to the task of choreographing a 3 min 30 sec song from scratch. This group is entirely online, so there's no worries about meeting up. ^^
The song was made by me with the entire group's vocals on it (in English). It has a pretty good beat and is easy to dance to.
So the idea would be to choreograph something simple, but eye-catching, that the three of us could do from our own houses and then put together in a video to the song.

This group has just started (we're currently working on three projects that should be out before the end of August) so we don't have any kind of compensation to offer. I can always make you an original track in exchange for your help, if you would like. Of course, if the song actually sells any, you would definitely get a cut of it.
If anything, it is a great exercise to practice choreographing and just to have fun working with others on a project everyone is invested in and happy to help with.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long message. Please message me if you're interested and I'll send you the song so you can decide whether it would fit you or not.
Have a nice day!

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