Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge @ Princeton U. - Oct. 17th & 18th


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On behalf of the Princeton Ballroom Dance Club, I'm delighted to pass on the announcement of the Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge! I hope the many of you who came out for the comps at Princeton a couple years back will be able to make it again. (great floor, tons of warm-up space, spacious locker rooms, + easy train access for NYCers ... what more could you want?)

Feel free to ask any questions here or write directly to


The Princeton Ballroom Dance Club is proud to announce the return of the Princeton competition with the Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge on October 17th and 18th, 2009!

The Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge will be held in the Princeton Dillon gymnasium as in previous years. Syllabus Smooth and Standard will be Saturday, followed by the Open levels and a social Saturday night, and Syllabus Rhythm and Latin will proceed on Sunday.

We welcome all teams and studios to attend! Please visit out competition website at for more details. The website will be updated constantly as we approach the competition date – check back often!

(Please note that Princeton’s Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge is separate and unrelated to Penn’s annual Clover Star Classic, usually held in the spring. You may recall that, in the past, Princeton and Penn worked together to host a single competition; however, we have decided to split on amicable terms and return to hosting our own separate competitions.)

Hope to dance with you here,
Princeton Ballroom Dance Club


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I went to the comp at Princeton a few years back and it was very nice (although very hot, if I remeber correctly;)). It will definitely be on our comp radar!


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Hi, everyone!

My name is Andrew Sue-Ako, and I'm the president of the Princeton Ballroom Dance Club. We're very proud to be presenting the Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge this fall -- get pumped for it!

As Anna said, if you have any questions, please feel free to either post in this thread.

This account may be used by the other officers of PBDC as well to respond to questions; as such, please don't think you have to address everything to only me.

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