New Argentine Tango and Salsa websites - feedback appreciated!

Which one of the sites did you find most appealing?

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I would like to direct your attention to the following websites which I personally find very interesting and am at least partly involved with: (Argentine Tango taught using the clear structure of Tango Nuevo) (LA and Cuban style Salsa) (General discussion of the latest developments of argentine tango - currently the most powerful partner dance on earth :)!!)

I would appreciate any feedback regarding content, layout, browser compatiblity etc.. if you have any questions about neotango or salsa - even more so..!

Many thanks,



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Hi fun! :D

I looked at all three sites -- just a one-minute browse through of each, this time, although I'll try to find time to look through in depth later.

First impressions: All three sites are easy to navigate, well-laid out and visually appealing to me. They look very professionally done -- the links work, there's lots of information on all three sites. The photos are nicely placed. The sites are not too busy (not sure that makes sense, but I can't think of a better way to say what I mean.) Thumbs up. :D

Of the three, I like funkytango best at first glance. I'm not sure why.

Be back later with more. btw, are you the instructor who's pictured on the salsapassion site? :cool: :)

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