New Ballroom Dance in SE Florida

Hello everyone. We have started ballroom dancing in the Ft.Lauderdale-Boca Raton area. Competition sized dance floor,beautiful setting with supperclub ambience. Our first dance, with DJ is on Feb.21, 2005. $10.00 admission includes sandwich wrap, salad, dessert, unlimitet coffe, and (of course) dancing to our expert DJ. If there is a nice attendance, we will expand it to other nights, including a pre-dance dance class (Any teachers interested?) and an exhibition show (Any exibitionists interested?:wink:).
For info, please go to.
Re: Count Me In!

A True Gent said:
Please add me to the list.The Dances Look wonderful!!. Are you having more than one??
After this initial dance, I will continue one night, every week. If its a success, then it will expand to more nights per week, so, dancers,please come,enjoy!. Its a beautiful setting,large dance floor, great ambiance, sound ,great music, food. Thankfully, the list is growing!!. [/img]

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