New choreography idea..need advice!

Hi, guys.
I'm the lead choreographer for my team at my church. I know not everyone agrees with dancing in church..or even going to church, but past that..I need help! I want to write a contemporary piece (a leap for me.. I like hip hop) about people who have been saved and are Christians now but are still struggling with letting their past go and forgiving themselves the same way Jesus did. So..with inspiration from Disney (story of my life), I want to take the idea of Peter Pan's shadow and use that. I want the "past" to be wearing all black and be replicating the "present person"s dance moves. The song I have picked has an awesome orchestra crescendo and I want the past & present to be warring each other for control over their life. Is this too weird? How can I make this idea translate to the crowd without having to explain it every time we dance it? Does anyone have any advice, links to visit for help, videos to inspire..anything?


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