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I've seen one episode of that show on TV here in the Netherlands. I was a bit disappointed by it. It was more about "Look how much money I spend on dancing" than the dancing itself. The most disappointing part of the show was the dancing in the show itself. They didn't use the original music during the dancing, but played a different tune. This makes it impossible to determine if the dancers are actually on time. They also changed the speed of the dancing often by adding slow-motions and speedups to make it look spectacular. Together with the camera angles, it makes it hard to judge if the dancers are actually dancing well. I can't understand how one could not show the feet during a cha cha cha.

I hope you like it though.


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The FB post I saw said Ballroom Blitz. It was from a studio with a pro/am student featured on the show, not from TLC. I don't see the show listed on TLC's schedule yet, but I can't see anything out as far as Thanksgiving week, so that's not too surprising.
"Ballroom Blitz" to Air on TLC....

Michaela "Pinky" Puno and Slava Sergiev featured on "Ballroom Blitz"

A brand new show about competition dancing called "Ballroom Blitz" is going to air on TLC (The Learning Channel) on Wednesday, November 26- the day before Thanksgiving. The show was shot here in the U.S and features 18 Pro-Am Dancers and their Teachers in 6 competitions. It has been playing to great reviews in the European, Asian, and Russian markets. Finally, it will be shown here too! It is going to air on the TLC tv channel as a Dance Marathon, scheduled to begin at 1:00pm and run through 7:00 pm.

Avant Garde's very own Michaela "Pinky" Puno and her dance teacher, Slava Sergiev, were asked to apply and audition to be part of this show. They were interested in finding Pro-Am dancers with "a story to tell". Being a spritely 65 year old with 7 children and 14 grandkids, having undergone shoulder surgery, a hip replacement, and a knee replacement AND still be able to compete proved to be quite a story!
Michaela and Slava are one of the 3 couples featured during the 2013 Virginia State competition segment.

"Ballroom Blitz" truly shows the Ballroom Competition World in a positive light, with added glamour, cross demographics of participation, and a positive and healthy look inside this industry. The show has sizzle and drama, and truly reveals much of the world we have all come so much to love and dedicate much of our lives to.

So tune in everyone! TLC tv station on 11/26 at 1 pm. We will announce the exact time slot of the segment of Michaela "Pinky" Puno and Slava Sergiev when it is released.

"Ballroom Blitz" on TLC Channel November 26th, 2014: 1 pm-7 pm



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@#$@$#!!!! I only was able to catch a couple episodes of BB yesterday on TLC. Anybody know of plans to rerun it?

Seemed to me they focused mainly on the more eccentric among us, but I suppose that makes for more interesting TV.


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I managed to DVR all six episodes. Loving it!

It wouldn't surprise me if they re-run it again sometime. Cable channels tend to do that......a lot. And, you are correct, Loki. There were some 'interesting' characters among the dancers.


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I am watching it on DVR. It is actually better than I thought it would be...I recognize many of the couples so it is interesting to hear their stories. I think it also shows a range of dancers, styles, levels and income. So far a few competitors have quoted spending about $100K per year on competing....whew.... ! and when they showed footage of their homes....omg....beautiful! ....but others have shown the sacrifices they have done to afford to be able to compete at all. I was surprised at so much focus of the competitors on 'winning' to the point where even 2nd place is considered a failure. While there was a lot of dancing shown, I thought the focus was on the elements of the pro am ballroom culture itself and delving into the individual personalities. There were elements that I think many pro am students could relate to.


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I've only seen 2 full episodes and bits and pieces of the others but I agree with debmc. It is better than I thought and no one has come across as full-on crazy :) I live a few minutes from one of the ladies and I guarantee $100k +++ isn't a hardship for her. (I live on the far outer fringes of her enclave. The part where $100 is a lot LOL)


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I enjoyed it more than I thought. Saw a bit of myself at Colorado..yikes. The early shows seemed to emphasize the cost, and later shows were more about the love of ballroom... Seems like a lot of famous teachers, previous champions. I didn't like the cuts, and new voice overs, everyone is right you can't tell if the timing is correct, and the announcements often changed the first dance (never saw a 5 dance bronze scholarship start with Rhumba) Good to see more ballroom on TV.


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Yes.. I think some of the audience response was canned...lots of oohs and aahs!

I will say that for those who are camera shy...including will be shown on TV dancing if the featured student is in your heats. Saw lots of familiar faces!

It also gave me a different perspective as to why people do a ton of heats though one of the students who was commenting on the number of heats that she was doing versus her competition seemed oblivious that maybe not everyone could afford to do that many! Still I appreciated her commitment to the stamina required and her own personal goal.


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I saw two episodes. I know one of the couples that was featured, and recognized one or two others, so I wanted to be drawn into the stories … but I just didn't feel it. I was a bit turned off by the editing, with camera shots and canned applause that tried to make it look and sound as though the ballroom was filled with more spectators than what I suspect were really present. I realize that it's a TV show and they need to build some drama, but knowing that bronze scholarships typically aren't the headliners that draw a room full of spectators waiting with baited breath for results and applauding madly, I just couldn't buy into it. I really wish that I'd liked the show more than I did.


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I was at both virginia and millenium during these tapings and on the floor during taping...I hope I get a chance to tune in and see this...wonder if I will see where we were and I know one of the participating students


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It did seem the focus was heavily skewed toward personalities and expense versus dancing ( see bowi's post above). But it was still much better IMO than non-reality shows like DWTS.


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Briefly saw Fasc during the Va comp. There was a lot of strange editing, some of the line ups in Co weren't the line ups for the event that they featured. (Scholarship, Championship, different age group) And yes I agree, the canned oohs and ahs were strange.

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