New Dance Studio in Morristown, NJ

Announcing the the GRAND OPENING PARTY of FADS in Morristown, NJ!
December 1st 2007 (Saturday), 7:00pm – 10:30pm

Join us as we celebrate the opening of our studio and the beginning of the Holiday season. The celebration is going to start with a champagne reception. A spectacular show including pro/am and professional presentations begins at 8:30pm, followed by appetizers and social dancing until 10:30pm.

Tickets in advance until November 22nd are $30, after this date and at the door $40.

Fred Astaire Morristown New Jersey Dance Studio
140 Morris St
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone # (973) 993-9222
owners: Greg Fidurski & Gabriela Jileva
(FADS National Pro International Standard Champions)


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Just noticed dancing til 10:30, I guess you expect everyone to go off to the usual places. Atrium (if Barbara does not go back to everyother Sat) & THDS will be having dances that are easy to make from there.

Do you know which dances will be featured (is that a term that could be used here?)? Will there be a lesson? Do you know which style?
I assume there will be a mix of ballroom and latin music. I don't know if there will be a lesson but will certainly ask when I'm up there this Thursday for my lesson and let everyone know. Thanks for your interest, rh.


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Now that you've posted this Lucy, I expect you here (well, over there, not here in kuwait ;) ) in Chicago for Nationals next July. :)


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I may be back for it. I'm planning to take vacation home in July. I'd prefer to be home for our regional which is later in the month and clsoer to one of sister's bdays, but if I can't get off for that weekend, second choice is to come home for nationals. Planning vacation around the comps because I know that I'll be able to see all my friends, and parents and one sister, all in one place at the comps, while if I come home some other time they might not be around.
Keep me posted - I MAY try to do Chicago.

Isn't there a Nationals in Las Vegas? That's one I want to go to. :wink:

I wanted to do our regional in Atlantic City in March but, it looks like it's Easter weekend and I don't know if my pro will be doing that comp.


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There are actually three national events every year. April is in Vegas, July is in Chicago, and October in Orlando. Not sure how many people from our region will do Orlando in 08. It's always a bit of a hard sell, due to the cost, and fact that we ahve a regional just a week or two before it (this year actually had three comps in three weeks, harvest moon, our local regional, then the orlando nationals, all in consecutive weekends). But next year they'll ahve that in october, and in july will have nationals and then two weeks later will have regionals. Hard for lots of people, including myself, to arrange the time away from work AND the money for two comps in a month. Plus it's jsut so wearing for those of us who aren't doing this profesionally.

But hope to see you there, all the national comps are supposed to be a ton of fun. I've gone to Chicago two years now, but haven't competed either time. I will in 09 though. :)
I don't really have any desire to go to Orlando for anything. For nationals, it would be Chicago and/or Vegas. I wish they had a national closer to NYC. :wink:

I don't know how many comps I'll do, regional or otherwise. I'm not really into competing and love performing in showcases much more. I'm sure I'll do some competing but not as many as other folks.


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They have showcases/exhibition entries at the comps too, so there will certainly still be stuff for you to do.

But the regional comps are a lot of fun even if you're not competing. It's a different feeling than an open comp, at least the open ones around here. You're spending all day with people you know (or at least will know, though probably not to extent I do with all the studios in our region), first competing, then cocktails, dinner together, and then watching a pro show. And general dancing throughout. It's can be a ton of fun, at least if you have the right community. I guess some regionals, and some people, may not be as enjoyable as I feel about ours, but I love them.

I was actually going to those comps before I started dancing at all, and part of reason I started. Went to June and October regionals and July nationals before I started dancing, then started taking lessons in November specifically so I'd know how to dance for the general dancing at our December comp.
Yes, I know about the showcase/exhibition entries. In fact, I entered one at our last regionals on the 9th of this month. It was GREAT fun! I was told by my pro that they require folks to compete in the regular heats in order to participate in the showcases/exhibitions but had made an exception for us this time, probably because it's a new studio. So, I'll probably enter the minimum number of heats so I can participate in the showcases. I do know they allow multiple showcase entries so, hopefully, next time I'll do at least 2.


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Keep me posted - I MAY try to do Chicago.

Isn't there a Nationals in Las Vegas? That's one I want to go to. :wink:

I wanted to do our regional in Atlantic City in March but, it looks like it's Easter weekend and I don't know if my pro will be doing that comp.
Not to keep hijacking your thread, but
The FADS CCDC (Cross-Country Dancesport Championship) Nationals is in Vegas on Apr 16-20. 2008. I'm planning to attend, though still need to generate slightly more critical mass from the studio....

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