New Dance Studio in Morristown, NJ

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I'm going to ask pro about Las Vegas tonight. It sounds like loads of fun and I haven't been to Vegas in ages. Plus, maybe I can convince my family (in Denver) to come watch or I can make a stop over in Denver on the way out or the way home.


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I'd love to do Vegas, but next one I'll be in country for is WAY too far in future for me to make any plans for yet. :)

ANd didn't even realize I had hijakced this thread, and badly. Oops. :)
It went very well etp, thanks for asking. When we arrived, my pro and his partner were greeting the people as they entered the studio. After we hung up our coats, we each were given a glass of champagne and introduced to other attendees. We had about an hour of social dancing to a variety of music.

Then the showcases began. It stated with my pro's 3 year old daughter dancing a cha cha with her cousin (my pro's nephew). They were so adorable and quite good. They were a very hard act to follow but, next my pro and I danced our pole dance, rumba, tango, foxtrot, samba, cha cha, paso, viennese waltz routine. I was please with my performance except for the 2 parts where I messed up. The crowd really seemed to enjoy our number and I got lots of compliments afterwards. My pro's partner danced next with one of her long-time students afterwhich my pro danced a swing to "American Pie" with another of his students and a friend of mine.

After the showcases, we had dinner and more social dancing. Then came the highlight of the evening when my pro and his partner danced their Queen medley showdance. It was spectacular and we gave them a standing ovation. Dessert was then served and the evening ended with more social dancing. It was a great evening.
Yes, it was an amazing time! It would have been very cool if you could have been there etp. I really enjoy going to events at this studio because it has such a warm and friendly atmosphere. I wish my pro and his partner much success with their new studio.

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