New Gowns on Designer's clearance, all the gowns will be $900 and will be at MAC


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Hello guys,

I don't want to shamelessly advertise here but I thought we do have many budget conscious members and I thought I will make a note.

I received almost 30 designer gowns which are currently on clearance. They are either brand new or ex sponsored gowns. They might be few years old but they are mostly unworn and I just opened the box with them recently and was surprised at how nice they are... All gowns are stoned with Swarovsky and some of them have over 50 gross of stones on them. They are also made with designer fabrics. They can also be tried on during MAC in January as I am planning on having a clearance rack.

Many gowns are also BYU legal or easy to modify if you are looking for a BYU dress which can sometimes be very hard to find...

The photos I have are not the best as they were provided to me but I have the gowns at home so I can provide people with detailed photos of any gowns they might like...

I currently have over 100 gowns in my house including all the new Danscouture ones, my rentals and the clearance and consigned gowns so would love to get some of them out of my house. I am also willing to let go of some of my older rental gowns at an offer price.. I am quite open to lowering the suggested price quite a bit if its a gown I had for a while. I am trying to focus on new designer gowns now so am trying to make space at home.

Kat :)))


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See everyone at MAC, I am not bringing everything with me but if there is any particular dress you want to try on, send me a message so I make sure i pack it. SInce I will be commuting to the competition every day from home, I can always bring additional gowns.


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I personally Checked out a few $900 gowns at MAC Kat's booth, have to say the quality and stonings are quite impressive for such price range! Really nice quality bargain gowns.


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Sorry Christina, they are all gone :(

I still have some consigned or rental dresses in that range, but no longer have any new ones :(

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