New latin inspiration - Elizaveta Divak


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OMG!!!She is like Yulia and Karina combined... She has the best hair cut,too.. HEHE I just love her. She so rocks.


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I was JUST about to post that. She is AMAZING. That white "dress" was rather distracting and it kept me from being able to appreciate her skillz but the other videos? Holy crow. That girl can DAYANCE.:banana:

Here's another vid:
Funny, I was more distracted by the dancing than I was by the dress. Amazing..Indeed. Its so nice to see a tall Latin dancer who isn't gangly. This is something I really struggled with and gave up Latin because of it.


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Are they living in the US now? I really like her black dress in the Desert Classic vidoe.
Does anyone know who their sponsors are? I can't find anything on google..
It says in youtube post, but I could not find the song. I want to get the song as well.
So what's the name of this song? I have a lot of dance music and maybe I have this chacha too. :)

Liza is GREAT! Show Chacha from Russian Championships 2009
And Paso:

Another great lady:


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