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ello guys, Im a new user here and a fairly new country music fan from Florida. I've been listening for maybe a year or so but I've recently begun to go to bars and clubs and would like to learn to line dance. However, theres no way I could just learn on the fly because hearing a song being danced to once every couple weeks just isn't sufficient for me. Of course I try to jump in and I do alright but its just not enough practice to completly go into the memory bank. And with work and school I simply can't go get lessons, but I really want to learn.

Basically a friend and I both want to learn and we figure we would just get some songs and some step sheets and just start practicing. However we honestly don't know the basic beginner songs to start or the popular club songs to start with. Last thing we want to do is practice with a difficult song and get disheartened.

So can anyone just give me the names of the easiest/most popular line dancing songs. And if you have time can you provide the step sheets (although thats not needed, I can do that myself). I just need somewhere to start.

Thanks a ton.


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A lot of clubs have a mini-lesson before early in the evening (although fewer than used to, during the line dance craze.) Those classes might help as well, especially to help you learn the basic step patterns. They're short, so not a huge time commitment is involved, and may be able to help you decipher those steps lists.
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The best way to learn line dancing is by finding a dance group in your area and taking some lessons. Often times the location at which the dance is held will offer some sessions. You may also want to simply try becoming friends with a few of the people dancing. Ask them to show you a dance or two (be sure to get the name of the dance, and the name of the song). The most popular dances will likely b e danced each week or so.

There are some excellent websites on which you can find line dance step sheets... I have a listing with links on my website, Dancer's Dream Land. Simply click the link in my siganture line below. From my site, select "Styles & Steps" from the top navigation bar. Then select "Line Dance." Then scroll down for the sites.

At this time its difficult to suggest particular dances as each area and each group really determines the dances they enjoy. Probably the most common and most basic line dance is the Electric Slide. After that, you'll really want to chat with the dancers in your area to determine the "hot" dances at this time.


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