New Manhattan Spot for Tuesday Night Salsa

I'd mentioned a new spot in another thread but realized the info could get buried within the thread, so I thought I'd start a post.

Anyway, I have nothing to do with this venue, except for the fact that it's in my nabe of West Harlem (which I happen to love). I know alot of Manhattanites tend to think there's nothing worth seeing/doing in Upper Manhattan, but if people only knew some of the "gems" that exist in Upper Manhattan, they'd be very surprised.

The River Room Restaurant is relatively new, and they have had Salsa Tuesdays (6-11p) for the past few months I think. The venue is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, and if only a few die-hard salseros came to witness this place, and spread the word, this would be a terrific place for dancing. Unfortunately though, my sense is that this place is not yet on folks' radars, so pickings for a dance partner here are still slim. Granted, I've only been to this place once (and on the 4th of July no less), but my sense is that indeed, not many dancers go to this place... that it's more random couples who like to do some "casual" dancing.

The restaurant has floor to ceiling windows that overlook the Hudson, with views of the GWB all lit up at night. They have a very nice wooden dance floor that can accommodate say 40 couples? Admission is $10, and they have waitstaff from whom to order drinks or a light meal, but there is absolutely no obligation for salseros to order anything if they don't want to.

There is also outdoor patio seating from which you can hear the salsa music at varying levels, depending on whether the other patrons want the patio doors open or closed. There are dining tables and chairs indoors which the salseros are free to sit at, again, with no obligation to order anything.

I would love for more people to begin to patronize this place. It is really beautiful. As to the type of salsa music they play... whether it's better for 1 or 2 dancers... what beat.. on the clave, etc... I'm not that technically-knowledgeable about the music. All I know is that I dance ON-2, and that I liked the music. I remember one particular song they played was La Paella by Jose Alberto.

I'll be there tonight (8/8) with my little salsa group .... maybe about 10 of us in all, if anybody's interested in checking it out as well!




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Well, Lynn, I hope the message gets out and people will pop in for a visit...the view looks awesome. I grew up across the river and that would be an easy enough ride for me if I still lived there :)(). Anyway, I think the folks that own this place owe you a meal for all your marketing efforts!

Happy dancing to you :)

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