new Noelia & Carlitos vid


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Thanks for posting this!
Noelia and Carlitos are my absolute favorites today! The only INTERESTING couple! Their musicality is unique and it is wonderful to have possibility to follow when they develop that together.
I agree that they're one of the most interesting couple at the moment. There are some pretty cool Noelia + Gaston videos out there as well. Noelia + random-dude-picked-in-the-street would probably be wonderful too.
Concerning this video, the milonga is exceptional, thanks a lot for posting it.


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I viewed some other recent videos of theirs because they were tagged "tango milonguero." I wonder why because they are far from a social style.

Noelia is unique in the way she tilts her head downward to her partner's shoulder. Are there women who use this position?

Her splayed left hand is another one of her trademarks in exhibitions. It takes a lot of energy to maintain it that way. Does anyone have an explanation for why she does it? Is she copying what Geraldine Rojas invented?

I don't care for stomping which detracts from the elegance of tango. The dress doesn't make up for it.


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During the two weeks from my last comment here I have been watching their videos every day and now I am enjoying this one even more!
To me the main thing is their MUSICALITY which gets every fibre in my soul to vibrate. This is so strong quality to me that I have stopped to mind about the technical issues; I stopped minding about the technical details! a thing happening so rarely.

Noelias very own personal musicality is clearly visible here; such a gift to all followers to see that you can follow AND express yourself. Her timing is unique giving me a feeling that her feet is actually creating the music.

Yes, I think Noelia can lift every leader, but I think Carlitos is one of the few, who can help Noelia to lift her dance to a new level!
He has an ability to create a magical atmosphere when the music and the follower is right. In this video you find also the first versions of the steps they are using so beautifully today!
(pay attention for the viewer account here - only a few come up to these numbers at the beginning of their dance career)


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...Noelia is unique in the way she tilts her head downward to her partner's shoulder. Are there women who use this position?
She only does it that way in shows. And because they dance rather quick and not on the spot either or them can breeze freely. I think right at right temple/forhead (milonguero hold) would be too hot.

Is she copying what Geraldine Rojas invented?
Thought Rosa Pérez was her teacher?

Missed them at Poreč


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