New partner dancer needs help

Hey guys, I have done a lot of line dancing but have only really started partner dancing, I've learnt the 16 step but i saw a couple doing something called the 2 step this week and wanted to pick it up. I found the dance they used, it's the first step two step mixer but i dont understand the step sheets.
It says basic 2 step pattern for counts 1-6 but doesn't specify what the pattern is, it kinda looked like two steps on right on on left and i'm not sure. can ne1 help?

Steve Pastor

Staff member
In Oregon, USA, the man starts a two step by stepping forward on his left, either quick quick, slow, slow (left right left, right);
OR slow, slow, quick quick, but still starting left forward.
The woman usually is going backward, right left right left. Either the quick quick is done first, then the slow, slow; OR the slow, slow is done first, then the quick quick. It depends on how the guy starts.
This worked for me the one time I danced in Texas, and also in Orlando, Florida.
Maybe a ballroom dancer will tell you that one way or the other is right, but both are done in our coutry dance places.
Note, too, that when you do turns, that basic pattern of steps doesn't change (although many people will end up not knowing what foot they are supposed to be on).
If you are working from a step sheet, I don't know how you would know man, woman, slow, quick????
If it's a mixer, go and see how people start the dance.

yh the step sheets aren't exactly great but after what you told me i remebered the rhythm of the dance and remember it was quick quick slow slow, for the guy, thanx a lot ive nearly mastered it now lol

Vince A

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I prep on the first slow . . . by leading with my right rib cage, which slightly rotates the upper body - right shoulder forward, left shoulder back - and turning the follower on the second slow . . . completing the move "before" starting the next Q Q S S.
do they teach lessons before the dancing starts at your local club? You should find out when they are teaching two-step lessons. Partner dancing and Pattern Partner are different. There is no set step list for two-step but there are partnering skills you can learn that will allow you to do all the steps you see. If they don't have a lesson at the club, look for a dance studio nearby that offers the dance. It'll open up a whole new world to you.

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