New Studio in Boston Area

Larinda McRaven

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Woah, with a turnout of over 200 people, I have to say the party last night was a great success. There were people that flewin from NYC just to be there for us, as well as many of my former students from the New Haven, Hartford, and Sprigfield area. There were several shows from one pro-am couple and 3 am-am couples. It was truely standing room only. I want to thank the DFers that showed up, you honestly made my night!!! Pictures to come soon.


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The studio looks great. Having gone to many socials in the area, there were definitely a lot of new faces there (maybe the out-of-staters L is talking about). It was a successful turnout without a doubt, and thankfully the people I danced with had good floorcraft as it was a necessity last night ;). Nice to see all the dfer's there...some very nice performances by some of them, too!

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