***NEW Supadance Ballroom Lady Shoes (5.5 UK)***

Hey guys,

I am selling a pair of new Supadance court shoes. I bought them online a few months ago since I have been experimenting with new models... They were only worn once for no more than 10 minutes before I decided that they were too wide in the foot. I cannot return them to the store because it's been more than 14 days since I bought them, so I thought I would see if there are any takers here on DF.

The model is 1004 pointed toe court shoe, flesh satin. 2.5 contour heel, 5.5 UK:

I really love the pointed toe models because they give you extra room lengthwise in the toes. I used to wear the round toes but they scrunched up my toes painfully.

These shoes are *almost* brand new (I figure I need to be honest and admit they were worn for a short time). They don't smell (like feet), are not dirty, and are still in their box.

I am selling these for $80.

I live in the NY area so can do an exchange at a local studio, but I would be willing to ship them.. or send them to MIT's comp with a friend. PM if you are interested.

xoxo DanceJoy

PS I will also be selling a gigantic and new bottle of Super Brown in the next few weeks so heads up!!


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Have you tried the very-similar-looking International ICS Superstar shoe during your shoe experiments? I ask because I'd be likely to buy these if the fit was really similar to ICS Superstar shoes that I normally wear...
I have not... I will be going to blackpool this year and fully intend on trying every kind of shoe there.. I still have not found a shoe that works right for my feet. The ones I am wearing now (similar to the ones I am selling.. they are the other pointy toe diagonal strap ones) work ok but the arches are much too low for my feet and my feet pop out of them.

Anyways, are you going to MIT? Because my friend is the Columbia ballroom president... I could arrange for her to bring the shoes for you to try on...


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Hi DanceJoy!
Are these shoes still available? I have a friend who is interested but somehow managed to get herself banned trying to get on here to inquire (haha I don't know how she managed that but that's a separate topic ;)).

If they are available can you pm me your contact info so I can pass it along??

Thanks :p:p:p
Meagan, I sent you a PM... I think your friend may have already contacted me ;)

At least, someone is trying them on this weekend... lol
If only they were size 6...then I would snatch them up in a heartbeat. Good luck!
Well, the pointy toes do give them a little extra room in length-wise... I am hoping that they will sell this weekend, but if not, maybe you would be interested in trying them on?

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