New to Line Dancing

Hi there!

I'm hoping to start line dancing very soon. I've always wanted to try (I love all dancing but this particularly appeals to me) and my husband said 'well, why not?' so now I'm on a quest to find lessons in my area! I like in the UK and it appears to be more popular than I first thought.

Anyone got any advice for a beginner? Any tips would be great... I'm a bit nervous... lol.


Do a search for Masters in line and for Superstar productions. Both groups are UK based and have events all of the time. I'm sure you can find some classes in your area through their web sites.

Hope that helps!
Do a search for Masters in Line and for Superstar Productions. They are both UK based and you should be able to find some classes in your area through their websites.
I hope that helps! :)
Congrats on your decision to pick up line dancing. You'll have an amazing time and meet some really great friends!

The best advice I can offer is to just be patient with it. It will take some time to pick up the steps and then get used to dancing them in sequence, but after a few sessions it will start coming more naturally.

Another tip...if possible pick up "step sheets" for each of the dances you learn. This gives you an opportunity to work on steps and memorization at home. Or it gives you a good reference if you haven't danced a particular dance for a while.

Here's a quick link to my website. This page offers information about how line dancing got started and includes a link to "Kick It," which is a phenominal website of step sheets -

Wishing you all the best!

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