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I just noticed that fascination's post count is pretty close to pygmalion's post count. :p
Fascination has made 30753 posts and pygmalion has 33237. With fascination's average post count of 26.77 posts per day it will take
(33237-30753)/26.77 ≈ 93 days
to reach pygmalion's post count. (Assuming that fascination's average posts per day count will remain the same and that pygmalion doesn't post anything more.) :p

Edit... That is December 10... ;)


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oh my goodness....I rather doubt that I will make it given that I have scarcely posted in a week and thesze fake nails make it prohibitive ...and it is going to take me at least two days to unpack from usdsc......but, it is sweet that you would notice pr.....I guess my hope is that the post count not be my main contribution to it is merely a reflection of how badly I needed care and support for such a long time...but rather that somewhere meshed into that glob, some of what I shared helped others as much as it helped certainly was the case of P, one doesn't spend this much time on a forum without caring about the members a good deal...and to soak in a jacuzzi...and btw...I do love Sweden...hug
Wow, go Fasc go! :applause:

But what is this you say about not posting for a bit? What if some of us make cracks about how local deities get their post counts up and need to be put back in our place (not that I would make that mistake again... or would I... dodging lightning bolts might help to get my legs faster for Jive).


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FWIW, over the years I have found both you and pyg to be tremendous resources of knowledge and support, both dance- and other-wise, and thank you both for the time and energy that you have put into the community here.


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[evil mode]
Maybe we all can help Fascination by posting tons of unappropriate, pg-not-13, begging-for-censorship messages.
[/evil mode]


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I agree I had fake mails for one year and had them removed last october (2007) and they are just starting to grow, it has taken them a year to recover not good:(

Go Fasc!!! btw, fake nails sucks, bad for your nails, nails need breaths too.

take them off and keep posting:)

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