New USA Dance Chapter - Ballroom Dancers Organizing in Greater Hattiesburg Area


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A public meeting of persons in the Greater Hattiesburg Area who are interested in ballroom dancing will be held Saturday, April 11th, 7:00 p.m. at La Studio Academy of Dance – 5296 Old Hwy. 11, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Donna Knezevich, volunteer coordinator, will host the meeting to announce the newly formed chapter and to outline the benefits of being a member of USA Dance. Licensed/certified instruction and social dances are some of the things that the local chapter will bring to ballroom dancing in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. USA Dance, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes and sponsors ballroom dancing for all ages and abilities, and has more than 150 chapters across the country. USA Dance is not a social dance club, but rather is a broad-based national organization serving as a catalyst to establish a great variety of dance-related programs and encourages more people to become involved and enjoy the many benefits of dancing – fun, fitness, and social interaction.

Membership is open to singles as well as couples. If you dance now, if you've danced in the past, or if you want to begin learning ballroom, please join us.

For more information, call 601-818-0721, 601-795-2699 or via email at jdkneze @ hughes. net


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(Oh and, for the record, I am thrilled that we are finally getting a USA Dance chapter!)



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Despite scheduling conflicts within the community and Easter weekend... we had a full house, and fifteen new people signed up for USA Dance! I think that was a fantastic start. :)


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Last Saturday we had a solid turn-out and a great time dancing. After just one night, our chapter is now over halfway to our minimum membership goal!

If you missed our meeting last week, don’t worry! In the interest of keeping this positive momentum going, we are going to extend our membership drive into the dance this coming Saturday. Once again we will offer the special discount of free admission to the social this Saturday if you join USA Dance that same evening.


WHERE: La Studio Academy of Dance ( 5296 Old Highway 11 # 1 - Hattiesburg , MS )
WHEN: Saturday, April 11
TIME: 7:30 – 11:00

Future tentative schedule for
Hattiesburg Saturday Night Dance Socials:

April 18: Ballroom Social
April 25: Ballroom Social
May 2: Argentine Tango Dance Social
May 9: Ballroom Social


Starting April 23, La Studio Academy of Dance will host two four-week session courses in social dance. If you have been coming to the Saturday dance socials and haven’t taken ballroom lessons yet, I think these would be the perfect classes for you. Affordably priced and in a familiar setting, the classes at La Studio will provide you with a solid foundation for Saturday night survival!

So far each class is half-full. Since we have limited enrollment to twelve dancers per class, I strongly encourage dancers to pre-register.

As expected, we do have more ladies registered than gentlemen. If there are any gentlemen who are still indecisive, perhaps this is the push you needed? We could use you guys. :)

Introduction to Ballroom
A back to basics, technique intensive class that focuses one class on Foxtrot, one on Waltz, and one on Tango, followed by a last class reviewing all three dances. Designed for the beginner who is looking for a solid introduction, or for the experienced dancer who wants to refine their technique.

Meetings: April 23, 30; May 7 & 14
Time: 7:00-7:50
Cost: $10 per class; $35 for 4-week session

Introduction to Argentine Tango
Explores authentic Tango, as it is taught in Argentina . Argentine Tango focuses heavily on lead/follow, and has an elemental approach rather than a ‘steps’ approach to dance. Guaranteed to improve your lead and follow skills in all of your other dancing.

Meetings: April 23, 30; May 7 & 14
Time: 8:00-8:50
Cost: $10 per class; $35 for 4-week session


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Congratulations, and hope the new chapter does well and if it does you'll enjoy it. When it comes down to it anyway, the ballroom dances sponsored by USAdance are my faves.

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