New USA Dance Comp in Kansas City

Mr 4 styles

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I can't judge a small/new USADance event.
Only NQEs and Nationals (which I am this year!)
are you judging nationals coz i didnt see your name on the judges list:eek:

*shaking in fear*:D

and why cant you judge little ones ??

Mr 4 styles

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I am judging. They haven't updated the judges page in a long time. But I am.
well i look forward to dancing for you..possibly:confused::eek:o_O;)

I haven't gotten to know the local amateur scene in the midwest yet. I am excited to come watch!
we usually only do NQEs unless its local but this area is somewhere i have rarely been . We may go to help it grow!


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Just an FYI in case there are questions about the location- it is the Kansas City metro area but the venue is actually on the south side of Overland Park KS (a large Kansas-side suburb). It is a very nice venue BTW. The couple putting this event on attend the studios I go to so I'm going to give them a boost and pass on the expressions of interest :)

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