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Thank you to whichever studio execs back in the day found a way to show off racial talent in a segregated society (even if it they were only in search of a buck)

If they hadn't we wouldn't have so much great movie footage to see and admire today.

Thanks to all the TV stations who dragged these old movies out of the vaults to show when I was growing up. (even if it was an inexpensive way for them to make a buck)

If they hadn't I probably wouldn't be a dancer today.
Super movie dance scenes.

Loved this part in the "more information" column in Down Argentine Way:

"...Irving Cummings, director of D.A.W., intended to edit and shorten the Bros' scene, while dance director Nick Castle made a claim for including it in its entirety. A test screening was held, where the audience raised a cheer for the Bros and shouted to the operator in the projection booth to rewind the film and show their dance sequence again (the operator actually did it), which settled the argument."

And so the Nicholas Brothers laid the groundwork for video rewind. :mrgreen:


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Dear heart, thank you for posting these! I love the Nicholas Brothers. Was introduced (not literally) to them by my neighbor, when I was growing up, who was a vaudeville hoofer and knew them

Magnificent. Thanks!

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