Night club country and western/Bar dancing

This needs to be a category. I am going to start it and keep it up. I have seen a lot of questions about where to go so first lets here where you go if you like it or not. I have also heard a lot about what step you do please let us know. Also what songs you do different steps to etc. Also please let us know how long you have been country dancing do you dance with your wife man etc.
Ok all I have now is I am going to Luckenbach for the Christmas Ball with Gary P Nunn. It is 12-19-2015 Luckenbach is not a bar it is a dance hall. With a good hardwood floor.


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I do... but I have a feeling we don't live in the same area. As far as country dancing, there are only a handful of places in the NYC area. Latin dance clubs are king here.

Colorado Cafe in Watchung, NJ is the only place I know of around here. I'm sure there are others though.


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John Lindo hosts a montly dance in Rockaway NJ. It's a California Mix. Mostly WCS with some 2 Step, Waltz, Salsa and Hustle.

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