Noemie Millon & Gordon Neil Salsa Workshop In Atlanta!! Not To Be Missed!!


Noemie Millon is coming all the way from Paris, France to collaborate with one of her dance partners Gordon Neil (she also dances with Leon Rose...and previously danced with Paris Salsa Gang , Uforia, and U-tribe (including in the infamous battle with Tropical Gem))


Check out this video of Noemie and Gordon dancing in Milan, Italy (Gordon has a solo first, and then they dance together)

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France is emerging as a dominant force in the world of Salsa with Noemie right in the forefront setting standards for others to follow. Her versatility in the dance has turned many heads as she is extremely capable of dancing most, if not all styles of Salsa and still remarkably keeping her own unique flavour. Noemie’s energy not only stands out on stage or while dancing socially but also in her classes and workshops where students always feel they have really learnt something and enjoyed doing so.

Born and raised in Normandy, Noemie comes from French and Caribbean parentage. Music has always been a big part of her life. Discovering the dance and music of Salsa, she instantly felt a hunger to learn more. Educated to bachelor degree level in Sports Management, Noemie has a deep understanding of how to push one’s body to achieve the best.

In 2002 Noemie moved to Paris and only after dancing for a short period was invited to join an all girl group called Sals’appeal. Later that year after dancing to a high standard of Cuban Salsa, she moved to London to learn English, of which she is now fluent. During this time she trained under the guidance of Leon Rose who took her to the next level. On her return to Paris in 2004 Noemie was now able to dance with anybody in any style and look good in doing so. Many of the top French groups took notice and over the next few years she performed in many worldwide congresses with Paris Salsa Gang , Uforia, U Tribe and was part of the team of the famous battle against Tropical Gem. She has been on stage as a dancer in the Leon Rose Project and more recently partnered Gordon Neil from Atlanta.

Since becoming full-time professional dancer and instructor Noemie has taught and performed globally. Egypt, Guadeloupe, Morocco, French Guyana and many European countries such as Denmark, Spain or Romania are only a few of the places where she has left her mark.

Noemie continually strives to develop herself as dancer and in her classes she is always ready to help her students do the same.

**Please visit to register online and/or for more details and directions**

Party will follow workshops at the dance studio:
$7 if you attended workshops
$10 without workshops

(Due to their busy schedules, Gordon and Noemie may not be able to attend the afterparty, but stay tuned to hear all the confirmed performances for the night!)


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