NYC Congress (8/31-9/3) -who's going?


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africana said:

I'll be in town that weekend, so will probably do the evening social dancing and other fun non-congress stuff (like ET's class & Jimmy Anton social)
My gf and I get into town around noon on 9-2, check into the hotel and then are gonna explore NYC before coming back for dinner and the evening performances/social dancing. Sunday we'll probably hit Frankie Martinez's body isolations and/or spin classes before resuming our roaming around Little Italy and elsewhere. Only doing one night at the congress but I think Saturday night alone will be worth it and we don't get back to DC until about 1am Monday morning, just in time for work :D ;) Save me some dances, Africana! :)
sweet, one dance for Beto coming up :D I'm looking forward to seeing some long-time congress-peeps too

ooh Frankie's classes: where/when are they? I keep hearing folks talk about it, that stuff's up my alley

There's so much to see in NYC, but I'll probably limit myself to shopping & dancing cos it's too hot n humid up there


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127 W 25th St, 11th Fl (Bet 6th & 7th Aves) NYC 10001 :D

One thing I absolutely *INSIST* on doing is hitting Little Italy (probably on Sunday) to get some of the world's best Tiramisu from Ferrara's. :) Might hit Bang-Bang in the Village for some clothes but other than that I think we'll bum around the city to see what's what on Saturday before the congress starts. I don't get up to NYC very often (haven't been there since last November's NY/NJ Festival) so anytime I go I try to see everything. ;)
thanks Beto! You'll probably see me at frankie's class(es) :)

Yeah I'm ashamed to say that I still haven't been to some of the major sights (like empire state, the statue, etc) cos I'm just too darn lazy if it doesn't have anything to do with dancing hehe, not much of a sightseer...but perhaps I'll try a broadway show this time


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the ESbuilding is cool once you get up there, but waiting in line is a DRAAAAAG, and if it's hot... forget it. more fun is the Circle Line boat tours, which give you a great view of the statue.

maybe i'll hook you up with that when you're here, Africana. i can't get enough of that tour.


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I can't believe it, been planning a trip to NYC and canada for weeks, moved NYC to the end of the trip to get in Jimmy Anton's social, then booked the flights, THEN heard about this! I'm gonna be in a car heading to Montreal while this is going on :-(


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I just want to meet and dance with everybody so I don't know you and you see me talking to or dancing with Africana, please introduce yourself to me. :D

Here's a pic of my gf and I from July 2nd for future reference.

See you all in NYC at the congress!
africana? i will follow you anytime, provided you stay in closed position. any shines moment will result in my stepping graciously to the side and waiting.
Hey Jennibelle and all other fellow DF'ers,
I have not been on here in awhile, I look forward to meeting and dancing with some of you at the NY Congress - I'll be there all weekend, aside from my class with Karisma on Saturday afternoon.

See you all in a few weeks :)

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