NYC Congress (8/31-9/3) -who's going?

Whaaaat? I didn't think we were talking about Santo Rico...I have only danced with two of them and they were both fabulous. I haven't danced with any of the others though, so if they were rough then lucky me, I missed out on those dances, lol!

I thought we were talking about Vitico and his people.

Also, I don't think there is anything wrong with saying names...I mean no offense against the people I say are doesn't at ALL mean they are bad people, they are just rough leads! And this is in my humble opinion only, so they can feel free to discount that opinion if they like.

WHo does Vitico dance with?
My observation is that starting the spin on the 1 is the norm in New York. I asked my instructor who is from New York - "Spin on 1 or 2?". He said technically it should be on 2 and that was the way it was. Then teams like Santo Rico started spinning on the 1 so they could fit in an extra spin for performances. This caught on and became the norm. Some of the advanced New Yorkers will pull out 5 spins on beats 1,2,3,4,5. Pretty impressive to watch.

My other instructor from San Diego prefers a double to be on 2,3. Triple or more starts on 1. She likes the double on 2,3 because that is on clave.

Perhaps the New Yorkers here can enlighten us more on how they do it.

As for the CBL on 3, I've never heard of that one. 1 opens that track for her to step across on 2. If you led it on 3, her inside turns would be off time. The turn on a CBL inside turn has to be on 2& (2-and): the follow has committed her weight on the left foot on 2. Before she commits her weight with her right foot on 3 you spin her. Taking advantage of weight transfer makes her light.
Thanks a lot for the answers! :D
Oh, what I meant by CBL led moves on 3 meant copa, coke & etc where the turns/spins begin on the 3?
Thanks a lot for the answers! :D
Oh, what I meant by CBL led moves on 3 meant copa, coke & etc where the turns/spins begin on the 3?
I'm not familiar with the term coke. Copa you spin on 2 - from an open break, follow completes her 1/2 left turn on 1 and then you spin her on 2.

The best way to figure out what count to spin the follow on for any move is to learn the follow's foot work for that move. You don't want to spin her when her weight is on the wrong foot - if you do she is going to be heavy and scrambling to switch to the correct foot; bad experience for both.

For example, above I said CBL inside turn, start spinning her on 2&. Her weight is fully commited on her left foot. She has forward momentum because she is moving forward to step on 3. You are raising her arm in preperation for the spin which converts the forward momentum to upward momentum which makes her lighter. She is centered. You spin her on her left foot before she has commited weight to her right foot. That is what I mean by taking advantage of the correct weight transfer.

What if discover you are off time? Then don't force the move. Let go and break into shines. Or look or feel where her feet are and lead her when she has the weight on the correct foot. Worry about getting back on time after the move rather than punish her for your mistakes.


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I am counting down the days, hours, minutes... :D

Get there Saturday afternoon, -try- to hit Worldtone for new shoes since I'm due for my next pair, and maybe hit the Milonga in Central Park to check out some Argentine Tango action. Still figuring out what else I can squeeze in before dinner and getting ready for Saturday night ;) Sunday's the Brazilian festival right in front of the hotel and Frankie's class. Beyond that, I'm sure there's plenty to do... :D


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Considering a lot of salseros and salseras shop there, yeah, I'd say it's a pretty good store :D

Here's the address:
[SIZE=-1]230 7th Ave # 2
New York, NY 10011
(212) 691-2069[/SIZE]
world tone is the most important dance shoe store in new york city. even if you're not in the market to buy, you should go if you're in town.
still mulling over what to do about the congress. i swore last year i was done with it, but my best salsa friend wants to go one night at least. i'd prefer to skip it and just go to Jimmy's.... which will doubtless become impossibly crowded soon after it opens.

for some reason I love fridays :) it's fairly packed but not too crowded, and everybody is excited, just happy to see and dance with everybody. On saturdays, it gets so crowded, more spectators, ecetera

Sundays are nice too cos a lot of folks are gone, but usually not as energetic as fridays
hmm maybe I should rethink going to Frankie's class, before 4 hours of Jimmy's, before 6+ hours of congress dancing :shock:

(or just get a lot of energy drinks heh)


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as long as you aren't rockin the carpet dancing! :)
Carpet dancing, moi? NEVER. Now on other hand if the dance floor is somehow full or the person asking me to dance insists on it, then maybe ;)

sunday is gonna be all about jimmy's!
Wish I could stay for that but I'll be heading home around the time Jimmy's ends. :(

hmm maybe I should rethink going to Frankie's class, before 4 hours of Jimmy's, before 6+ hours of congress dancing

(or just get a lot of energy drinks heh)
Rethink Frankie's class?? Nono, I expect to see you there. Just stock up on your choice of energy drinks and/or energy bars and tough it out. Might as well get as much dancing in as you can while you're in NYC. :D
I'll be there Sat night for sure! Hope I'll see some of y'all? Please look out for me. (My pic is with my profile.) I'm petite (in case you can't tell from the pic) with short reddish hair...
soemone... was it Beto... was looking for something else to fill up their Saturday before the social?? what about checking out the Central Park Roller Skaters? click on the link below and see the video of them skating/dancing. It is great!! all kinds of people skating together to soul/funk music, and many folks are on old-school roller skates. some guys skate while balancing bottled water on their heads. it's loads of fun to watch, and the vibe is reminiscent of NYC in the old days, when it was more er... FUN!!

To find them, walk along the West side of Central Park to 72nd Street, and then head East on 72nd towards the East side of the park, and you should hear/see them!

also, what's this brazilian festival in front of the hotel??!!

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