October Music Review

Hello out there in music land. I hope you are all doing well. A lot of new music has just recently been released and I hope you get a chance to hear some of this great new music on the market.


The long awaited “ULTIMATE LATIN 4” has been released and it’s a definite winner!! This cd (along with the previous 3) is a 2 cd set containing 10 cha-cha’s,10 samba’s,10 rumba’s, 5 jives, and 3 salsa’s.I don’t know where the paso’s went but they ain’t here..If you are wondering who is that on the cover…they happen to be the current United States latin champions Slavik and Karina. I know most people on the west coast probably don’t know what they look like because they havn’t been here. This cd is a definite !!!!! $32.50

Casa Musica have also released some new double cd’s as well. I guess they decided to fight fire with fire against the company in England who have been releasing the ultimate series cd’s. Casa has released 2 new double cd’s at the same time. They are called “The Ballroom Mix” and “The Latin Mix”. One the the great things about both of these cd’s is they have no repeats from any of there products released. This is all brand new music for casa musica.”the latin mix” contains 9 samba’s,8 cha’s, 3 excellent paso’s,10 rumba’s, and 10 jives. I do want to let you know that these cd’s are not computer friendly( meaning that on both the ballroom mix and latin mix your computer won’t be able to play the 1st track of any of these cd’s) I think they have encoded these cd’s as to make it very difficult to burn a copy.I totally understand where they are coming from. If we want these companies to continue producing great cd’s for us to dance to people need to buy the products. The more copies burned the less these companies sell.Eventually it will get to the point it’s no longer profitable for them to produce new cd’s.We can talk about downloading from the internet and mp3 files in another newsletter. If you are a latin dancer this cd is a must. !!!!! $32.50

“The Ballroom Mix” has 10 waltzes from American artists, 8 tango’s, 8 foxtrots from all American artists,7 quicksteps, and 8 vieneese waltzes. Once again, Casa musica has released a great cd. !!!!! $32.50

Another new cd from Casa is called “Calor Latino” This cd is along the lines of senor latin, pais tropical, etc. but I have to say this is probably the best if not one of the best in this series. The cd has all 5 int’l latin dances on it again and although most of these songs are remakes from other proven latin songs, they did a great job with them. This cd was not coded the same as the previous 2 so it will play fine on your computer. This cd is not the hottest cd I’ve heard but I’d still buy it myself. !!!! $27.99

Also on the import front is “Gotan Project” I’ve had soooo many people ask me after listening to my friends over at “Dance Beat” play this rumba that sounds like a tango. What cd is that?? This it it !! It’s an import cd and there are a few more danceable rumba cuts on it but most people are looking for is cut 10 but you need to cut out the 1st 20 seconds unless you’re looking for a show piece or solo. Remember everything on this cd has a tango feel to it. Track 1 and 5 make a cool American rumba, track 7 could be used for int’l rumba in a kind of hard, violent way. This cd is defiaently different. !!!! $27.99

Well that’s about it for now kids. All these new cd’s are already on our website www.notablyunique.com( remember mention this artice and take $2.00 off each cd ordered in this article. In November you can see us and hear all of our music at the following events.

11/7-11/10 Dance vision dance camp New Orleans
11/20-11/24 Ohio Star ball
11/29-11/31 California Star Ball
12/12-12/15 Holiday Dance Classic Las Vegas
12/29- 12/31 Ron Montez Dance camp San Diego

Author: Dale Emerman
Site: Notably Unique
Re: Christmas Music

hawesp@earthlink.net said:
Do you have any Christmas ballroom music? I need a quickstep song for a Holiday showcase.
Hi there are few good xmas cd's we carry. feel free to call is toll free at 888-278-1116 and i can go through them with you. thanks,dale notably unique

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