Official Ballroom Song ID Thread


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I wish I knew the title too! Such a gorgeous song (that I'd love to have in my iTunes library). I was there - the performance was absolutely breathtaking. Sadly, the music was too loud for the Shazam on my iPhone to be able to recognize it ...

Larinda McRaven

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I would go to one the forums for locating commercial music. There are several that deal explicitly with people trying to track down music used on tv. Since this piece was from a television commercial I bet you could post a clip of the video on the forum and lots of people would know at least what ad it was from... From there you might be able to track down the composer the way they did.
Beeeeeautiful waltz. I love the ending.

I feel, in the music, an undercurrent of the ocean flowing. Her grey dress matched to that perfectly.


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It's called Batucada. Unfortunately I don't have access to my iTunes right now to give you the artist. It might be the version by DJ Dero.


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I downloaded it and have been enjoying it ever since you posted and I just realized I never said a follow-up thank you, so thanks, LG! :D
Rumba ID

I know this is probably asking much, but can anyone identify the artist of this song. I know the song is called "Historia de un amor", but there are a lot of different artists who have made a version of this song. I like this one a lot, but I have no idea who sings this.

The clip is an instructional video, the song is played in the first 22 seconds and the last 15 seconds of the clip. I know it's very short, but maybe someone has an idea of the artist :)

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